The Best Baby Gates That Keep LOs Safe & Mom's Sanity Secure

by Anna Baboval
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best baby gates

Yup, it’s time to get a baby gate. It literally happens overnight: Our cute baby gets put down on the floor for some quality tummy time while mama goes to start dinner or flips the laundry (or literally does anything with both hands) for two minutes. We come back and —poof!— BB is standing up holding onto the TV stand grinning from ear to ear as our hearts catch in our throat. Time for a baby gate. How the hell did that happen so fast? Mobility happens quickly, so at the first sign of crawling (around seven months) it’s time to put up a baby gate.

When looking for a baby gate online, the options can quickly become overwhelming. Long gone are the days of the woven wooden and plastic gates our parents used. Today, there are a variety of options from pressure mounted to actual hardware-mounted installation, extra tall varies to retractable baby gates. The most important things to consider when selecting a gate is where’s it going to go. (There is a big difference between a gate to keep the dog food secure and a baby gate for the stairs). A pressure mounted gate is perfect for moving from room to room as needs change, whereas a hardware-mounted gate is staying put long term.

We’ve rounded up the best baby gate options for wherever you need to corral your LO from the top of the stairs to outside. Go ahead and flip the laundry or dare we say, make yourself a snack while knowing BB is being kept safe from the most dangerous (aka “fun”) parts of the house.

Extra Wide Baby Gates

Wooden Baby Gates

Best Baby Gates For Stairs

Extra Tall Baby Gates

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