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The Best Baby Shampoos For A Tear-Free Bath

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Baby bath time can be stressful — the tubs are tiny, the baby is wet and squirmy, and who even knows what’s growing inside the bath toys. Fortunately, when it comes to picking the best baby shampoos, there are many products on the market that make the whole routine a bit easier. Yale-trained pediatric dermatologist Dr. Britt Craiglow is a big fan of wash and shampoo 2-in-1 combos for babies because “there’s no real need for separate products.” And let’s be honest — life with a baby is hard enough! She also says that “many regular baby shampoos can be useful for cradle cap, but some contain ingredients specifically targeted to treat it, such as zinc pyrithione.” This inhibits the growth of yeast, which she says is an important factor in the development of cradle cap.

If your little one has a crusty scalp, here’s what you need to know about cradle cap (seborrheic dermatitis). It may be caused by excessive oil production by the skin glands. While it can be concerning, it’s not a serious medical condition and will go away in time and with care. Dr. Craiglow says, “Most cases of cradle cap will resolve even without specific treatment, but if it seems particularly severe or uncomfortable, visit your pediatrician because in some cases prescription shampoos and topical steroids are needed.”

Here are our top picks for the best baby shampoo and cradle cap shampoo, and they’re all conveniently on Amazon. Now just add an Instagram-ready baby bath towel, and you’re ready for bath time.

Best Baby Shampoo

Evereden Foaming Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Pediatrician-created to be safe enough for a newborn, this is perfect option for cleansing from head to toe. The brand’s tear-free formula features naturally derived oat amino acids that are gentle and balancing. Evereden also hydrates and calms skin with coconut juice and coconut water. The wash is foamy for quick and easy lathering.

$17.00 AT AMAZON

CeraVe Baby Wash

This gentle, tear-free cleanser is designed for use on the whole body and comes recommended by dermatologist and best-selling author of Beyond Soap Dr. Sandy Skotnicki.  CeraVe is fragrance-free and pH balanced to normalize skin pH. “It also contains very mild detergents of the glucoside family as well as added ceramides, phytosphingosine, and hyaluronic acid to help repair the skin barrier,” she says. Plus, it comes backed by the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance.


Babyganics Shampoo + Body Wash (3 pack)

Made with soothing, plant-based ingredients, this soft foam cleanser works from head to toe and rinses clean with no residue. It’s naturally scented with chamomile and verbena; plus, Babyganics is dermatologist tested, non-allergic, and tear-free.

$29.22 AT AMAZON

Earth Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Earth Baby’s pH balanced 2-in-1 formula is designed to be used on hair and body and it’s welcomingly hypoallergenic and tear-free. The natural, vegan shampoo contains honey and chamomile for an earthy scent and clean finish. It’s free of parabens and phthalates, too.

$15.00 AT AMAZON

Attitude Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

With a plant-based formula containing blueberry extract, Attitude shampoo and body wash is perfect for newborn and infants alike. It contains EWG-safe ingredients and is free of  parabens, SLS, SLES,  phtalates, and triclosan. The apple-scented wash is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.


Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo

An affordable, 2-in-1 formula, Cetaphil Baby is made with a combination of calendula, aloe vera and vitamins E and B5. The brand is trusted by dermatologists and this gentle, tear-free formula contains no parabens, colorants, or mineral oil.


Best Cradle Cap Shampoo

T is for Tame Gentle Cradle Cap Foam Shampoo

This doctor-recommended brand contains natural, plant-based ingredients, including coconut oil and jojoba oil. The vegan formula gently tames and treats baby’s hair and scalp without
the use of chemicals or fragrances. The cleanser works to eliminate cradle cap with exfoliating salicylic acid and soothing organic calendula. Simply cleanse baby’s hair and scalp, then rinse away oil and flakes.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Babyganics Infant Cradle Cap Cleansing Oil (2 pack)

Though not technically a shampoo, this special cleanser — formulated with nourishing plant oils — gently lifts away flakes with a very gentle built-in brush. There are no sulfates, phthalates, silicone, artificial fragrances or dyes. Even the brush is made with certified organic ingredients — and you get two bottles in the order.

$17.88 AT AMAZON

Mustela Cradle Cap Foam Shampoo

Best for newborns, this soap-free formula is composed of 99% natural ingredients that help to protect the baby’s scalp and rinse away cradle cap flakes. This was my personal go-to during the first few months of my son’s life!

$13.00 AT AMAZON

Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy medicated shampoo and body wash was created by a pediatrician and it’s earned more than 4,000 Amazon reviews (and counting). Formulated with pyrithione zinc, it fights flakes, redness, itching, scaling, and irritation on the scalp for not only babies, but kids of all ages. It also includes licorice root extract for soothing support.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Ladibugs Cradle Cap Remedy Kit

Started by two RN moms, the Cradle Cap Remedy Kit contains a serum with a natural, paraben-free formula that can be used regularly until all scales are softened and removed. The serum can also be used routinely to keep the scalp clean and soft. There’s even a fine-tooth comb for helping with the application and flake removal.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

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