This Brand New 'Baby Shark' Sing And Swim Bath Toy Is In High Demand

by Julia Guerra
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baby shark bath toy

Baby Shark is the kind of wholesome, pure entertainment kids deserve, but what about the parents, Pinkfong? The parents definitely didn’t deserve this kind, nor this level, of torture. Seriously, patience is wearing fin. (BTW: Pinkfong is the brand that released the Baby Shark song.)

Between swimming its way onto the Billboard 100 back in January (jury’s still out on how that happened), landing its own TV series on Nickelodeon (because, lol, the universe hates you), and the franchise going on freakin’ tour this fall, Baby Shark’s popularity is at an all-time high. But it doesn’t stop at tours dates and TV episodes, Mama. Oh no, Baby Shark toys and merch are popping up left and right, and don’t think for a second your little bundle of joy hasn’t noticed.

They have.

They have, and they want it all.

Now, luckily, not all Baby Shark toys blare that song every time you give the plush a squeeze, but fair warning, Mom: PinkFong knows its customer, and it ain’t you. It’s your child. You know, the one who demands you play the Baby Shark video on demand, your iPhone, iPad, or use your own windpipe to curb their ear’s craving? The one whose smile lights up the room as soon as they hear that irritatingly melodic “doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo”?


As much as we all love to hate on the entire Baby Shark phenomenon, we also really love to see our kids happy. So whether or not you can stomach one more verse without pulling out your hair, it really doesn’t matter, does it? What baby wants, baby gets, and baby wants these damn Baby Shark toys.

1. New Baby Shark Bath Toy


This Baby Shark Sing & Swim bath toy was just released and practically sold out overnight. But don’t worry, it seems like the toy company Zuru was just testing the waters with their inventory and the toy should restock. In the meantime, if you really can’t wait, it looks like the bath toys are being sold on ToyWiz and eBay for close to the listed retail price (around $15).

2. Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

baby shark toys pinkfong official sound book


Sound books are essential for your baby or toddler’s home library, because not only will they love the musical element, they’ll also be able to engage with the story by pressing the made-for-baby buttons associated with each page. Luckily, The Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book isn’t comprised of just that one ear-splitting song on repeat. Instead, the book features 10 rhymes and melodies like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark and Shark ABC, that will at least enchant and educate your little one.

3. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube

baby shark toys wowwee sound cube


Meet your child’s new mini BFF. Unfortunately, unlike a skinny song book you can cleverly stash out of reach, the WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube is just big enough for a toddler to grab and never let go of. Preschoolers will also get a kick out of these vibrant plushies because they’re collectible, stackable, and can rattle off not one, but four verses of the original Baby Shark ballad. But should shark karaoke get out of hand, the batteries are, indeed, removable.

4. Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set

baby shark toys play-doh set


Desperate for this baby shark craze to blow over? Hate to break it to you, Mom, but as far as we can tell, the Baby Shark phenomenon isn’t dying down any time soon. But if your kids are willing to compromise, try trading in their singing toys for this Play-Doh (doh, doh, doh, doh, doh) Pinkfong Baby Shark Set. It’s honestly the ideal baby shark toy for moms and kids alike because while it’s silent, it still entertains their obsession with the franchise.

5. Little Golden Book Baby Shark! By Mike Jackson

baby shark toys little golden book


Annoying though it may be, you can’t deny Baby Shark struck gold if Little Golden Book is putting the concept to hardcover. Written by Golden Books and illustrated by Mike Jackson, now your little one can read all about the adventures of their favorite shark family in this story that is said to bring the hit interactive song alive on each page. Note: The title won’t be available until August 27, but pre-order is already underway, so get your name on the list stat. At the very least, you can probably trade the collectible for cash when your kid goes to college.

6. BookBag Plush Baby Shark School Bag

baby shark toys baby shark plush bookbag


With BookBag’s Plush Baby Shark school bag, your little shark will definitely stand out in a school of fishies. Designed to swim alongside your little guppy through their toddler years, preschool, and even kindergarten, does it really get much better than a backpack that promises years of wear. Bonus: It costs under $15. The accessory comes in three colors (blue, yellow, and pink) so you can buy your child’s favorite, or collect them all to mix and match through the years. It’s made with cotton and easy-to-clean lining so mess is a non-issue.

7. OKLady Baby Shark Doo Doo Outfit


Just in case you somehow forget how the song goes, Mom, you can have Baby Shark lyrics stitched onto your child’s clothing as a reminder. But seriously, how adorable is this OKLady Baby Shark Doo Doo outfit? Each set is unisex, and the collection features 11 different designs referencing that irritatingly catchy verse you just cannot get out of your head. And while you may not love what the set stands for, you’ll love how your child looks in it.

8. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet with Tempo Control


If you thought you could escape Baby Shark even for only a moment…unfortunately you were mistaken. This puppet plays the entire “Baby Shark” song and you can even control the tempo (i.e. you can make the puppet sing “Baby Shark” really fast and really slow — like a remix!). You can also just take out the batteries, forget it ever came with singing capabilities, and give it to your kid to play with, noise-free. 😉

9. Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Pad

baby shark toys pinkfong melody pad


Attention Moms: Batteries are not included in this PinkFong Baby Shark Melody Pad. Do what you will with that information. That being said, PinkFong’s melody pad does play 16 songs kiddies are bound to go crazy over, and there’s really nothing better than seeing their little faces light up with each melody.

10. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Doll

baby shark toys wowwee baby shark official sound doll


For kiddies whose fingers aren’t so tiny, try the PinkFong Baby Shark Official Sound Dolls on for size. There’s a baby plush, a mommy plush, and daddy plush, so your child can collect them all. One gentle squeeze sends four verses of “Baby Shark” flowing through your home, and each set of batteries is long-lasting. How great is that, Mom? Mom? Mom…

11. Scholastic Bedtime For Baby Shark By John John Bajet

baby shark toys scholastic bedtime baby shark book


By now, you’ve probably lost your mind over all things Baby Shark (and if you haven’t, how?). Thankfully if your child still has the urge to burst into song under the covers, Scholastic has a solution. Bedtime for Baby Shark shows little ones that even singing sharks need to take their bows eventually. There’s really no better way to say go the f*ck to sleep than with this playful picture book.

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