12 Of The Coolest Sunnies For Your Baby

baby sunglasses
Getty Images/Sue Barr

If baby sunglasses aren’t on your baby essentials shopping list, you might as well add ’em. You probably own at least 12 bottles of sunscreen for your baby, because you understand the importance of sun protection. But your baby’s eyes will need protection too, and even if you think your baby won’t wear a pair of sunglasses for longer than three seconds, now is the perfect time to practice—when they’re young and too busy learning about the world and pooping to notice.

Just like the sunnies you rock, there are lots of stylish options for babies that offer UVA and UVB protection. Since babies tend to break things on a very regular basis, it’s important to find shades that offer shatter-resistant lenses, flexible rubber frames, and straps to keep those puppies from falling on the ground 6,000 times per hour.

We rounded up our favorite baby sunglasses, so all you have to do is scroll and find the pair that you think will work best for your baby. You’re welcome!

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