These Backpacks For Boys Are So Popular For Back To School

by Bryce Gruber Hermon
Originally Published: 

Choosing the right school backpacks for boys of all ages can be a serious undertaking. With all of the pressure on his literal shoulders, and your emotional equivalent (check out this recent study suggesting heavy backpacks can seriously damage posture), you’ll want to put the effort into finding the perfect fit.

“A well-made backpack will better distribute the weight that little, growing bodies have to lug around,” explains Sheryl Wilson, a personal trainer, mom of two, and founder of Fitnotic. “Poorly-designed bags can cause real strain and cause long-term postural damage.”

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After much research (ahem, moms know best, amirite?), we’ve uncovered all of the best boys’ backpacks that are both kid-approved and properly made to support growing muscles, bones, and minds, so you can binge on Netflix tonight with all the time you’ve saved. 😉 Our top picks are functional and cute as sh*t… but don’t worry, still manly enough for your little stud. From dinosaur patterns to backpacks on wheels, it’s all here.

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