8 Best Bean Bags For Kids in 2020, According To Mom

8 Best Bean Bag Chairs For Kids To Sit On AND Store Their Stuffies Inside

April 28, 2020 Updated April 15, 2021

Best Bean Bag Chairs Kids

If you’re climbing the walls at home and your kids are climbing on, well, everything, then this is the perfect time to start shopping around for bean bag chairs they can use (and abuse). The best bean bags for kids are a mix of fun and function, the kind of cushion they can toss around and get excited to plop down on or jump on top of— instead of your couch, bed, or home office furniture (why do they have to LOVE your bungee chair so much?).

Bean bag chairs for kids are easy to move around and offer a comfy nesting spot for them to watch TV, read a book, play educational games on the tablet, and even have a rest. The littles can drag them from the bedroom to the playroom to the living room for family time without you having to worry they’ll rip the couch or smush your throw pillows. What’s better than that?

Not all bean bag chairs look like discards from the set of That 70s Show, either. The shoppable options run the gamut in terms of fabrication, function, filling, and overall style. Many even double as toy storage these days–what a time to be alive! Whether you’re looking for something fun and themed to coordinate with your child’s bedroom, like a furry unicorn, or a knitted pouf that can do double duty as both a grown-up decor piece and kid cushion, we’ve rounded up some of the best bean bags for kids available online.

Best Small Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Move them room to room, these chairs give kids their OWN place to sit and chill.

Posh Stuffable Storage Bean Bag

If you’re thinking, “If only there was a bean bag chair that’s compact and stores my kid’s massive stuffie collection,” well, you’re in luck! The Amazon best selling Posh Stuffable bean bag chair offers the best of both worlds. This 27-inch sphere comes in a whopping 33 color/pattern options so you’ll find the right style to fit your kid’s space, even if it’s small. Factor in the super-affordable price tag, and heck, you can get two (one for the living room, perhaps?). If that’s still not enough, this company has you covered — you can snag the large (38-inch) or extra-large (48-inch) versions for around $20-30, depending on style. Says one Amazon reviewer, “My wife bought this in an attempt to help clean up my daughter’s stuffed animal herd. It seems that no matter how many beanie babies, unicorns, stuffed bears, puppy dogs, or monkeys that I stuff in this thing, there is still room for more! This product is constructed with a canvas type material that seems to be holding up well to multiple jump sessions, puppet shows, and multiple Dr. Seuss book sessions.”


Birdrock Home Knit Bean Bag Floor Chair

Compact, sturdy, and stylish, this is the option for mamas who’ve been scrolling through small bean bag chairs and thinking “Do I really have to put that in my house?” Unlike its ultra-kiddish counterparts, this hand-knit cotton pouf with filling can function as a decor accent piece, an ottoman or footstool, and a bean bag for kids without missing a beat. It’s lightweight and available in chic, versatile hues like dusty rose, soft blue, grey, and navy, which means this bean bag can fit seamlessly with virtually any decor. “Took a while to find a pouf that was a reasonable price and a decent color for my nursery,” wrote one reviewer, “Very sturdy, not very soft but that’s probably for best to maintain structure. I have sat on it to do laundry and it did sink down but regained its shape shortly after getting off. Very pleased with this purchase!” If you’re looking to spend wisely, this is a pick you can still use after your kids have outgrown it!


Yoweenton Stuffed Animal Dog Storage Bean Bag

According to product descriptions, this kids bean bag cover can fit up to 90 stuffed animals inside it–and off your floors. Fill it with toys or other space-consumers like seasonal clothes, extra towels, or baby bedding you can’t bear to throw away, and it becomes a giant stuffed animal of its own. Bonus: The plush velvet is soft and durable, and machine washable, so kids can climb all over this bean bag chair to their hearts’ content. And they do, according to reviews: As one put it, “My daughter simply adores this. Every stuffed animal and small blanket I put in here and it’s [comfy],” while another noted Wonderful, albeit lumpy which you would expect from stuffed animals. Much bigger than I realized. Held every single stuffed animal we own with more room available and both kids (5 and 3) can sit on it at the same time. Have already recommended to many local mom friends.” The mom-to-mom recommendation = the ultimate seal of approval.


Best Storage Bean Bags for Kids

Seriously, these chairs are the answer to “clean up your stuffed animals” and go sit down— all at once.

Lmeison Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

This canvas cover doesn’t come with stuffing but once filled with stuffed animals, soft toys, pillows, and the like, it becomes an ideal option if you’re searching bean bag chairs for babies and toddlers. An extra long, round zipper means it’s easy to get to any toys inside, and less likely to scratch your little. This one’s shark design is ergonomic and offers back support for minis that need extra help staying propped up. “I bought this for my baby’s 1st bday present. Filled it with some stuffed animals and blankets,” said one reviewer, “He’s in the climbing phase and loves to climb all over this and read his books, when I can get him to sit still. Perfect size and I see him being able to grow with it more into a chair instead of a lounger.” Another noted, “I needed this in my life. And they love to sit on it. And I was able to put in at least 60 stuff the animals in this thing.” Climbing cushion and clutter-reducer in one? Hell yes.


Big Joe Wild Bunch Animal Bean Bag Chair

From Walmart to Amazon, Big Joe chairs are some of the most popular bean bags for kids on the internet. The “Wild Bunch” features a selection of plush cushiony creatures including a fox, raccoon, owl, and unicorn. In soft, muted hues, they look just as good as they feel, and integrate easily into your kids’ decor. Each furry friend is filled with lightweight Big Joe “Meggahh Beans” so you can refill if necessary, though reviewers do note these small bean bag chairs for kids are pretty well-stuffed. “My 2 yr old loves his fox,” said one. “We did have to take some of the stuffing out because it was too full for him to really sit in it and get comfortable.” Another wrote, “I bought two of the Fox bean bag chairs for my daughter’s teacher for Christmas. These were super cute and pretty big. They dont have a lot of give like a traditional bean bag chair but its definitely full. Her teacher loved them.” Duly noted!


Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

A cushy spot to relax and store stuffed animals and teach your kiddos to enjoy clean-up time? Um, win, win and WIN. Made with double-stitched seams and a heavy-duty zipper, this bean bag doubles as a storage spot for stuffed animals, pillows, costumes, and blankets. Just tuck toys and more inside, zip it up, and you’ve got a cozy cushion (and more floor space!). Available in toddler size (approximately 28″ in diameter when full), large (approximately 33″) and extra large (approximately 38″), each of these stuffed animal storage bean bags come with a handle so your kiddo can take it anywhere in the house! In the words of one very enthusiastic reviewer, “This is the best thing I’ve ever bought! It’s the answer to your prayers if stuffed animals have taken over your house and I now own 3. They are cute and so much more comfortable than a regular beanbag chair. I got the xl and it holds a ton! They’re very well made, if I could rate them 30 stars, I would!” 


Aubliss Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

When full, this cotton canvas toy storage bag transforms into one of the best bean bags for kids: soft, study, and available in a dozen cute prints to match any room. It fits approximately 80-100 plush toys or 52 gallons of beans–but you can certainly clear closet or floor space by stuffing it with pillows or extra bedding. Thanks to its lounge chair-esque design, this bean bag chair is extra comfy and ideal for watching TV (in a de-cluttered space, of course). It’s also pretty durable, according to reviewers, ” I got more than I expected with this chair,” said one, “[It] holds a ton and is really cute and well made.” Another raved, “Really sturdy canvas material. It has held up really well and holds lots of my kids stuffed animals.” 


Chener Unicorn Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

Can stuffing a cute unicorn chair actually motivate your kiddos to clean up their rooms? Maybe. The doe-eyed Chener Unicorn Beanbag Chair is totally adorable, and your youngster will love stuffing her full to take an imaginary “ride.” It’s made of super soft material that’s fun to snuggle, and it makes a cozy perch for reading or storytime. If unicorns aren’t your kid’s thing (as if), you can snag this chair in elephant and llama styles, too. Reviewers say that these extra-large creatures have TONS of room and if there aren’t enough stuffies to fill the belly, pillows, blankets, or comforters can help plump it up. “The fact that this product exists shows that I’m not alone in my kids having 2.6 million stuffed animals,” one reviewer says. “These solve two problems, making it fun to clean, and giving those stuffies a place to go when things need to be neat and tidy.”


Now that you’ve picked out the perfect bean bags for your littles, check out our mom approved toys to go along with them!

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