20+ Best Toddler And Kid Chairs For 2021, According To Mom

The 21 Best Toddler Chairs For Keeping Your Kids Comfy— And In Their Own Zone

April 30, 2020 Updated September 1, 2021

Best Kids Chair

The perfect kids’ or toddler chair offers plenty of benefits, including letting your kiddo snuggle up to read their favorite book. Aside from allowing you to reclaim your personal space or your spot on the couch, or both, a plush kids lounge chair keeps your little monkeys from climbing on the adult furniture, thus reducing the risk of arts and crafts stains, slime spots, footprints, and rips. Have we got your attention now? Right, we thought so.

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Whether it’s modeled after an adult accent chair or emblazoned with cartoon characters like Baby Shark or Vampirina, providing your little with his or her own toddler chair will give him or her a sense of value and ownership, and a spot of their own to get excited about that’s not on your lap or generally all up in your grill.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for the right kids’ chair: Is it lightweight enough that they can transport it to multiple rooms but sturdy enough not to tip over? Will the chair be a spot for watching TV, reading books, taking a nap, learning how to draw a rose (a.k.a. Mom’s favorite flower; wouldn’t that be sweet) — or all of the above? Do you want a stylish kids’ chair that coordinates with your decor or something fuzzy adorned with their favorite Disney princesses or Disney characters (thanks for the reminder Disney+) that will actually motivate them to sit down for five seconds? From the ease of cleaning and assembly to durability to overall aesthetics, there are chairs to suit a variety of needs.

We talked to Erin Benedict, principal designer at Benedict August | interiors + design about how her team selects chairs for children, and she says they consider two things first: context and proportion. She determines where and how the chair will be used.

“For example, if the chair is used at a table, look for a chair where the child can sit upright comfortably,” Benedict says. “If the chair is for the child’s bedroom, we will look for something a little bigger and softer to create a cozy spot to lounge and read a book. Finally, if the chair is included in any common areas in the home, we love miniature versions of classics that coordinate with the home’s aesthetics, like the Stevie Kids’ Chair, to add some fun, pint-sized sophistication.”

After hearing Benedict’s professional input and scouring the internet, we found the best toddler chair options available now — ones that you and your kids will love. Check out what we found below.

Best Character Toddler Chairs for Kids

Costzon Baseball Glove Chair for Kids

Any current or future little leaguer will love sitting in this baseball glove chair! Recommended for ages 3 to 5, this chair is light enough that kiddos can move it themselves and sturdy enough for it to last. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “The product arrived on time. The chair feels very sturdy and cushiony. My nephew loves it a lot and the fabric is very soft.”

$99.99 AMAZON

Delta Children Disney PJ Masks Upholstered Chair

Every superhero needs a super place to chill. This PJ Masks chair is perfect for any little fan. It’s comfortable with plush cushions and made of durable hardwood to ensure that it lasts.

$74.41 AT AMAZON

Customizable Disney Mickey Mouse Anywhere Chair

If your kid goes crazy for Mickey Mouse, this toddler chair is kind of a no-brainer. For an additional cost, Pottery Barn Kids provides a personalization option so you can have your little one’s name embroidered right in the middle. The slipcover is also machine washable (yay!) with minimal assembly required. It’s just the right size for teeny Disney fanatics, this soft kids chair is super easy for them to maneuver around.


Delta Children Frozen II Upholstered Chair

Designed for ages 3 through 6, this upholstered toddler chair is set perfectly low enough for your little to get in and out of with ease. The frame is made of hardwood and the seat of this soft kids chair is wide and padded for little tushies, and the whole thing is easily cleaned by wiping with soap and water. This little seat also features storage pockets on either side for toddler valuables like crayons, coloring books, figurines, and who knows what else (food wrappers?). We’re partial to Frozen II but this comfy cartoon chair also comes in options featuring Cars, Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, and more. No matter which characters your kids go nuts for, this pick offers a cozy spot for them to curl up and read, watch TV, or just chill out (does that ever happen?). 

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Animal Adventure Grey Elephant Chair

This is a plush foam chair kids and parents will love. Meant for minis ages 18 months and up, this faux fur lounger is lightweight and features a removable chair cover that’s machine washable, as well as a child-safe zipper closure. In addition to the adorable grey elephant, this toddler chair comes in a variety of animal characters including a dragon, bear, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Curious George, making it an ideal combo of stuffed animal and seat (anything that gets them to sit, right?) 

$399.95 AT AMAZON

Disney Mickey Mouse Figural Upholstered Kids Chair

If your kid goes crazy for Mickey Mouse, this toddler chair is kind of a no-brainer. Recommended for ages three and up, it’s padded and comfy, featuring a wood frame and holding up to 100lbs–no assembly required. Just the right size for teeny Disney fanatics, this soft kids chair is super easy for them to maneuver around.

$75.99 AT AMAZON

Costzon Lamb Toddler Sofa Chair

The Costzon Toddler Sofa Chair is too adorable to pass up. And with five other designs (crocodile, mermaid, lion, elephant, and spaceman), you’re sure to find one that your kiddo will love. These chairs are comfortable, sturdy, and easy to clean.

$85.99 AT AMAZON

Trend Lab Children's Plush Moose Character Chair

This plush chair isn’t only adorable, but it’s extra comfy too. This Trend Lab Children’s Plush Moose Chair has a non-slip bottom so your little one doesn’t move or tip over when relaxing. Great for a little one who’s 12 months or older.

$46.92 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Snuggle Foam Filled Chair, Toddler Size

Let your youngster cozy up in this plush, fluffy,fcover only foam-filled chair! One happy Mama wrote, “The chair is super comfy and has become the most loved piece of furniture my daughter has! The packaging is superb and it was initially supposed to be a part of my daughter’s room decor but she sits in it so much that it’s become a staple in our living room! Great for reading and playing on her iPad or even watching her favorite tv show! I highly recommend it!”

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Delsit Toddler Chair & Kids' Sofa

We love a chair that pulls double duty! This adorable chair can easily turn into a sofa, perfect for naps, sleepovers, or even just a fun movie night. It’s lightweight and doesn’t have a solid frame, so it’s easy for little ones to move around as they please. There are five designs to choose from, all just as adorable as the next.

$67.95 AT AMAZON

Best Bean Bag Chairs for Toddlers and Kids

Yoweenton Unicorn Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Kids Bean Bag Chair Cover

Not only is it a unicorn bean bag, but it’s a unicorn bean bag that also functions as toy storage. Genius. The stuffed animal storage organizers is really big — 24”(L) x 24”(W) x 19 1/2”(H) —which can fit around 90 stuffed animals. The cover’s velvet texture is soft and also made with a thick, durable fabric that can weather active kids. This is the cover only, so if you do need filler, you’ll have to buy it separately (we’re sure your kiddo has enough stuffies to pad it, though).

$28.99 AT AMAZON

Jorbest Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids and Adults Cover

This bean bag chair is extra long, making it ideal for kids and adults for ultimate lounging time. Plus, its cute and trendy design isn’t too “childish” so it can easily blend in with the rest of your home decor. The bean bag chair also functions as toy storage, and can hold about 195 small plush toys or 110 medium stuffed animals. Bonus? It’s super easy to wash. Just toss it in the washer — you won’t need to worry about color fading or shrinking. This is the cover only.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Delmach Bean Bag Chair Cover

For a classic (yet functional) bean bag chair cover, this one by Delmach has great reviews, and parents love that the material is made from 100% cotton canvas that’s non-toxic and machine washable. You can also use this bag for storage.

$27.95 AT AMAZON

Mack & Milo Standard Classic Bean Bag

If you’re looking for something slightly more upscale (yet fun for your kid’s room), we love Mack & Milo’s bean bag from Wayfair, which comes in 15 different colors, and already comes pre-filled with polymeric beads. The cotton-twill upholstery is extra durable to prevent tears, and you can easily machine-wash the cover if it gets dirty.


Best Classic-Style Chairs for Kids

Dwinguler Kid's Sofa

Looking for comfort and style? This three-tone Dwinguler Kid’s Sofa has got to be one of our favorites for it’s ergonomic design that encourages good posture, and it’s super comfy eco-friendly Bio-Foam cushion. Another great thing about this chair? It’s super easy to clean! Just wipe and go.


Skyline Furniture Wilson Kids Chair

Another option for parents who want a soft kids chair that’s stylish, too, this gray armchair offers the best of both worlds. Covered in gray velvet on a solid wood frame, this toddler chair–for ages two and up–is both sturdy and chic. (Seriously, does it come in adult size?) Your kiddos can curl up and get cozy, and you won’t have to worry, as it holds up to 150lbs.


Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair

For something a little different, try a saucer chair. It’s perfect for cuddling up and reading a book or watching a movie from a tablet. Bonus: It already comes preassembled.

$44.62 AT AMAZON

Stevie Kids Chair

For kiddos who appreciate the finer things in life, the Stevie Kids’ Chair is ultra mid-century modern and still playful. It features a comfy rounded back and stands on wooden cone legs, plus that plush faux sheepskin will tempt them into curling up and getting cozy. It’ll look chic in any sitting area, and as a bonus, it’s currently 10% off!


10% off

Best Baby Sofa Chairs

Keet Roundy Childrens Chair Microsuede Fabric Chair

Moving on up, we see! At last, the kids can experience what it’s like to have a big kid chair of their own. Set this stain-resistant microsuede fabric chair (recommended for 2-5 years old) in the living room beside your recliner for family movie night or place it in the nursery/playroom. Either way, it’s bound to get 24/7 use. It’s padded with high-density foam and has real wooden legs. If you want to coordinate it with the feng shui of your space, then you’ll be happy to know that it comes in a slew of colors including lavender, navy, black, and kiwi.


Melissa & Doug Child’s Armchair

Leave it to Melissa & Doug to create a fun, functional, high-quality toddler chair. The OGs of kids toys created this comfy armchair as an option for kiddos ages three and up that won’t  fall apart or clash with your decor. Blue denim is the ideal mix of casual, comfy, and durable, but this sturdy seat (it holds up to 100 lbs) also comes in luxe-looking brown faux leather and a very princessy pink faux leather that features a tiara-inspired back. Reviewers rave about its quality, style, and minimal assembly, as well as how easy it is to clean–need we say more? 


Kopoo Upholstered Kids' Chair

When kids have their own grown-up style chairs, they feel valued and leave more seating available for you–double win! This toddler chair looks like a traditional chair you’d have in your living room but is designed with little ones in mind: It’s framed with sturdy wood, upholstered in gorgeous color options, and it easily wipes clean. The chair also comes in a two-seater sofa, which is ideal for families with more than one kid. It also works well for pets who think they are humans.

$82.99 AT AMAZON

Found the perfect toddler chair for your peanut? Shop more toddler toys they can play with while getting cozy!

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