12 Best Bra Inserts: Silicone Bra Inserts, Removable Bra Inserts, & More

The Best Bra Inserts For Cleavage Of All Kinds

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The best bra inserts can handle some of the most important, confidence-based concerns a person has. Whether it’s summertime and your bikini is a little slouchy in the cleavage area, or you’re looking to even things up and get the girls on the same level, bra inserts are what we run to. While you may be in a love-hate relationship with your current ones, honestly mama, it shouldn’t be that way. There are tons of comfortable options, various shapes, and even colors to choose from.

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You’ve got silicone bra inserts that are great for a super supportive lift, foam bra inserts if comfort and breathability are a concern, adhesive bra inserts for extra security — even refrigerated and freezable bra inserts are a thing! (For those times we have major boob sweat, it happens to us all). We’ve done the research and narrowed down the best of the best in each category. Check out our top picks for the best bra inserts below!

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Best Bra Inserts

BOOMBA Ultra Boost Inserts

BOOMBA’s Ultra Boost Inserts are not kidding about the “boost”. As one of the most padded inserts available, it gives you a natural looking lift with adhesive security. What we love about BOOMBA is that they not only come in four cup sizes (A, B, C, and D) but they also come in three different tones! You’ve got your choice between Sand, Beige (pictured), and Cocoa. While it may not be something people see, having something more accurately match your skin tone is always a win. One reviewer raved about it and said, “Used it in the pool for my bday party and they were STUCK on. My biggest concern was that they would fall out but they were very secure even when I got sweaty. I used them in the water and they were fine.”


TopBine Bra Pads Inserts

If you’re looking for bra inserts that aren’t made of silicone, these from TopBine are the best option by far. You’ll get a pack of three in different colors (black, white, and beige), each made of comfortable, breathable spandex and nylon. This shape works best for sports bras and bikinis, but there are various shapes available on Amazon too. Among the nearly 4,000 reviews, one happy customer said, “They are sturdy, they don’t fold inside the sports bras when washed, the sponge is not thin and empty, and the stitches have not come off from any after almost a year, which means that the covering fabric is intact.”

$11.19 AT AMAZON

Sermicle Self-Adhesive Bra Pads inserts

Adhesive bra inserts not only give you extra security and peace of mind, but it also means you’ll never lose them because they’re literally attached to one bra. Score! This set from Sermicle comes with two pairs of bra inserts, and you’ve got a choice between two different shapes. Reviewers say these bra inserts also work great on their own — a.k. no bra needed. “Great for backless tops,” said one reviewer. “Good adhesion. I bought some for some strappy tops that had no space for the bra pads, these work well as substitute.”

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Best Silicone Bra Inserts

Uplift Secret Silicone Bra Inserts

These silicone bra inserts are a favorite among those with larger breasts. They give a subtle, natural boost of cleavage when you need it, and sometimes that’s really all you’re looking for. While they may look awkwardly shaped, they are supportive AF when placed correctly. One happy Amazon customer said, “I’m a D cup and appreciate the width of these, as there is no weird/obvious lump in the center like the smaller insert types cause.”

$21.95 AT AMAZON

Takeouts Silicone Gel Breast Enhancers

With a tagline like “The better boob job,” you know there’s got to be some serious support to come with Takeouts Bra Inserts. Because of the shape, these “cutlets” can work with most bra and swimsuits. Simply position on the outer side for more cleavage, or right in front for a lift. One reviewer was excited to share their experience and raved, “These little helpers filled out my bra cups just right. I TOTALLY forget I’m wearing them, so comfortable. They make my clothes look much better and they are really worth every penny. Very highly recommended.”


Best Push up Bra Inserts

Femagique Silicone Gel Bra Inserts

Another fan favorite on Amazon are these reusable push up bra inserts from Femagique. They’re clear, silicone, and can increase your cup size by two! A size medium will add one cup size, and their size large will add two. “This is just what I needed,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I had breast cancer and had surgery to remove the mass. Now one breast is about 1 cup size smaller than the other. Left side is a C and the right is a B. This filled in my bra just enough to appear natural.”

$16.95 AT AMAZON

RELLECIGA Women's Push Up Bra Inserts

Comfortable and sexy are the most common words used in the reviews for these push up bra inserts from RELLECIGA. They’re made with a natural, breathable sponge to ensure you’re not adjusting and readjusting all day. Bonus points for coming with the cutest carrying case! One reviewer said, “Wish I had these earlier! These make me like wearing triangle bikini tops now, I usually go for underwire cups for a better shape but with these inserts the triangle cups looks so good. Provides lift, volume and shape.”

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Best Mastectomy Bra Inserts

Bravo Post-Mastectomy Breast Form

The foam fabric of these bra inserts are made to feel extra comfy and super lightweight. It also comes in two colors including black (pictured) and beige. Note that these inserts are sold individually, so if you need two,  make sure to add both to your cart. Said one reviewer, “I ordered this hoping to use it only in swimsuits but found I also love it in my sports bras that have pockets to hold it. It is lightweight and great to wear when doing workouts or yard work.”


Nearly Me Transform Triangle Silicone Breast Form

These bra inserts from Nearly Me are made to achieve the all natural look, even featuring an extremely realistic nipple in front. These inserts are made of 100% silicone and thicker than most in order to completely fill out a bra. They also come in sizes 1-12, which translates to about an A to DD cup (we recommend using the size chart to find your correct match!).

$82.50 AT HER ROOM

Best Freezable Bra Inserts

Opal Refrigerated Bra Inserts (Set of 4)

These cooling gel pads were specifically desigined for women that get a little too hot. Whether you’re being active, nursing, or just pouring sweat on a hot day. These bra inserts will give you major relief. Make sure to keep them in the fridge so they’re always cool when you need ’em!

$24.00 AT AMAZON

Pair of Cool58 Bra Coolers

Boob sweat and summer heat basically go hand-in-hand for most women, no matter what size your boobs are. If it’s hot outside and you’re wearing a solid-colored shirt that isn’t black, chances are you’ve seen The Burning Ring Of Boob Sweat form a distinguished horizontal line underneath your chest. Welp, that problem is about to be solved thanks to these freezable bra coolers. These boob-friendly babies sit at a cool and comfortable 58 degrees. They come with a pair of cotton covers and two sets of cooling packs


Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack

With over 16,000 reviews on Amazon, there’s no way we couldn’t include this on our freezable bra inserts list! An obvious fan favorite in the summer time, but also during nursing. These babies are both freezable and heatable!


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Bravo Post-Mastectomy Breast Form
Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack
Opal Refrigerated Bra Inserts (Set of 4)
Uplift Secret Silicone Bra Inserts
Sermicle Self-Adhesive Bra Pads inserts