10 Best Bunk Beds For Kids— Now Who Gets The Top Bunk?

by Kyle Schurman
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Bunk Beds For Kids

Having a bunk bed for kids seems like one of those rites of passage, like learning how to ride a bike or going to camp for the first time. Sure, some parents will tell you bunk beds are a necessary evil— trying to balance yourself on the flimsy ladder while changing the bedding on the top bunk isn’t for the faint of heart.

Then there’s the terrifying thought of the kid in the upper bunk having an accident or getting sick in the middle of the night, causing a waterfall of puke and p*** that may haunt your memories for years. But this rarely happens. (Full disclosure: From personal experience, we cannot say the chances are zero. But when you think about all of the gross things kids do on a regular basis, this would barely make the top 5 over the long haul.)

For kids who are sharing a room— and there’s nothing wrong with kids sharing a bedroom— bunk beds really are the best (and sometimes only) solution. We spoke with CasaKids who specializes in sleek, minimal, multi-tasking furniture design (they have to, they’re in Brooklyn, NY!). Their bunk beds for kids have lofts, drawers, closets, and stairs with drawers. They even created a wall to wall triple bunk bed system that makes sharing a room with two siblings…fun!?!

While we grown-ups see these functional bunk bed units as space savers, the kids see them as F-U-N. Kids are always excited to jump into their new bunk beds. And isn’t that more important than worrying about whether the bedding on the top bunk is perfectly neat? We say yes. So go ahead and buy (or build) a bed that they’re actually excited to climb into each night.

If bunk beds are simply not ideal for your situation, don’t worry. We’ve got other beds and kid’s gear!


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