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10 Best Bunk Beds For Kids— Now Who Gets The Top Bunk?

July 28, 2020 Updated November 20, 2020

Bunk Beds For Kids

Having a bunk bed for kids seems like one of those rites of passage, like learning how to ride a bike or going to camp for the first time.  Sure, some parents will tell you bunk beds are a necessary evil— trying to balance yourself on the flimsy ladder while changing the bedding on the top bunk isn’t for the faint of heart.

Then there’s the terrifying thought of the kid in the upper bunk having an accident or getting sick in the middle of the night, causing a waterfall of puke and p*** that may haunt your memories for years. But this rarely happens. (Full disclosure: From personal experience, we cannot say the chances are zero. But when you think about all of the gross things kids do on a regular basis, this would barely make the top 5 over the long haul.)

For kids who are sharing a room— and there’s nothing wrong with kids sharing a bedroom— bunk beds really are the best (and sometimes only) solution. We spoke with CasaKids who specializes in sleek, minimal, multi-tasking furniture design (they have to, they’re in Brooklyn, NY!). Their bunk beds for kids have lofts, drawers, closets, and stairs with drawers. They even created a wall to wall triple bunk bed system that makes sharing a room with two siblings…fun!?!

While we grown-ups see these functional bunk bed units as space savers, the kids see them as F-U-N. Kids are always excited to jump into their new bunk beds. And isn’t that more important than worrying about whether the bedding on the top bunk is perfectly neat? We say yes. So go ahead and buy (or build) a bed that they’re actually excited to climb into each night.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Low Bunk Bed with Slide for Kids

Chutes and Ladders is a classic board game that kids love. With this Max & Lily set of bunk beds, you can bring the game to life.

The kid with the upper bunk moves up there with the included three-rung ladder. To come down, the kid uses the attached slide. Yes, we said the upper bunk has a slide.

The upper bunk in this set is quite a bit lower than some other models on our list at a little more than 4 feet, which makes it a bit safer for children, while also simplifying the process of making the bed in the upper bunk. The frame consists of pine.

Back to the slide, though. Without question, our first instinct is that this is an incredibly cool design feature. There’s also a reasonably good chance that you’ll become the front runner for the Parent of the Year award. (The slide is removable if the kids are abusing the privilege … or if dad is trying to use it.)

$679.99 AT AMAZON

Acme Furniture Caius Gunmetal Bunk Bed- Twin XL Over Queen

If you have an older kid and a younger kid sharing the bunk beds, this Acme Furniture metal set is a nice choice. The lower bed is a queen size, which is nice for the older kid, while the upper bed is twin XL. The ladder to the upper bunk is angled to match the frame shape that accommodates the difference in the sizes of the beds, giving the furniture a seamless look.

The top bunk has a guard rail to keep the younger kid from rolling out and landing on the older kid.

The all-metal construction delivers plenty of durability without the worries of splinters. And we all know how things go when a kid thinks he or she has a splinter. Even if the splinter is not visible to the eye, it will be the most painful thing the child has ever experienced … which automatically makes it a miserably painful experience for you too. Even the special Mickey Mouse bandages won’t be able to fix it, leaving you questioning your sanity after a few hours of the child’s non-stop whining.

With the sturdy slats on both beds in the set, you will not need a box spring with either bed, saving you some money.

$337.16 AT AMAZON

Costzon Convertible Bunk Beds for Kids

If you are still unsure whether the best bunk beds are the right solution for your kids and their bedroom, this set of convertible bunk beds gives you the best of both worlds.

Build the set as bunk beds to start. If it doesn’t work because the kids are fighting over who gets the upper bunk, they’re hanging off the sides, or you just can’t stand to try to make the bed in the upper bunk, you can always disassemble the bunk beds and end up with two standard twin beds. Problem solved.

The upper bunk attaches to the lower bunk with metal pins, ensuring it will stay in place and support the weight on the upper bunk.

This Costzon set of bunk beds consists of wood, delivering the sturdiness you need for the kids. Use the included four-rung ladder to reach the top bunk. It’s available in either white or espresso.

The upper bunk is higher than average, about 5 1/2 feet above the ground, so check your ceiling clearance to make sure your kid has room to sit or read.

$339.99 AT AMAZON

Donco Campsite Bunk Beds for Kids- Twin Over Full

For a set of bunk beds that’s a little more fun than the ordinary design, these rustic bunk beds will let kids feel like they’re at camp all year around, rather than just for that one glorious week every summer when you as a parent can alternate between the giddiness of your freedom from responsibility and the guilt over enjoying your freedom from responsibility.

This set consists of pine and has a grayish finish that looks weathered. (Considering what the kids would probably do to a fancy finish within a few hours, having it show up pre-worn seems like a smart idea.)

Because this is a twin over full bunk bed set, they are arranged in an L shape, rather than directly one under the other. And because the bottom bed is a full, the entire set will take up more floor space in the bedroom than the typical bunk beds. Then again, if your kids just use the extra space to throw toys, clothes, dishes, and God knows what else around the room, having a set of bunk beds with a bigger footprint may be a benefit.

$784.95 AT AMAZON

Dorel Living Brady Wood Bunk Beds for Kids- Twin Over Full

These Dorel Living bunk beds for kids are convertible as well, giving you the option of using them as bunk beds or separating them and using them as a full bed and a twin bed.

This all-wood set of bunk beds is available in multiple color finishes, so you can find the best unit to match the children’s bedroom (we love the graphite).

You do not need to purchase separate box springs to use this set of bunk beds, as each bed frame has sturdy slats to support the mattresses.

The top bunk has a guard rail for extra safety, and the ladder has four rungs to help the kids reach the upper bunk. The upper bunk is almost 5 1/2 feet off the ground.

$354.80 AT AMAZON

DHP Metal Bunk Bed for Kids- Twin Over Full

Admittedly, children aren’t the most patient people on the planet. This is not always the best trait to have around bunk beds. A kid who needs to reach the top bunk may not be patient enough to walk around to the other side of the bed to reach the ladder. So the child scales the side of the bed that’s closest, monkey style.

Enter this DHP model of bunk beds, which offers two ladders, one on each side. Genius. Now we cannot guarantee the kid won’t ignore both ladders and fling himself or herself onto the top bunk anyway, but at least you gave it the old college try.

This all-metal set of bunk beds is available in multiple colors. The top bunk is a little more than 5 feet off the ground and has a guardrail to keep the kid from rolling out in the middle of the night. The upper bunk is a twin size, while the lower bunk is a full size. No box springs are needed with the durable slats in the frame.

$275.00 AT AMAZON

Walker Edison Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Bunk Beds for Kids

Sometimes, the traditional look is the best when it comes to kids furniture. This all-wood set of bunk beds will look great in any children’s bedroom. This is a convertible set of bunk beds, meaning you can disassemble them and end up with two standalone twin beds.

You can choose from multiple colors of wood finishes with the Walker Edition bunk beds. One advantage of this design is that the four-rung ladder is attached to the bed frame, rather than sitting on the floor, so the older sibling can’t convince the younger sibling to climb onto the top bunk and then take the ladder away, stranding the younger kid on the upper bunk.

Then the little one screams bloody murder, causing you to run up the stairs into the children’s bedroom, certain that something truly awful has happened, leaving your heart thumping at a dangerously high rate, only to find that it’s a practical joke and leaving you questioning each of your life choices over the past decade that led you to this moment. Sigh.

In addition to the attached ladder, these bunk beds look amazing, delivering an impressive rustic look. There are guardrails on the upper bunk. No box springs are required.


Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed for Kids

If you are a devotee of the Ikea brand, we have you covered with the Mydal pine wood bunk bed frame. This set of Ikea bunk beds is a minimalist design, providing a basic boxy look that’s perfect for kids … and perfect for your budget. It’s untreated solid wood, so you can paint or stain it as desired. It’s also recyclable when the kids outgrow it down the road.

The four-rung ladder attaches to the side of the bunk beds’ frame, so it cannot fall down in the middle of the night. Guardrails on the top bunk will keep the kid safe.

With durable slats on each of the beds, you don’t need to purchase box springs.

You will have to assemble it yourself. (Duh. It’s Ikea.)

$179 AT IKEA

Acme Furniture Cairo Triple Bunk Beds for Kids

Sometimes, two beds isn’t enough. Fortunately, these triple bunk beds for kids are ready to give your kids the feeling of sleeping in a college dormitory from the 1960s.

All kidding aside, if your two kids share a bedroom and they like to invite a friend over for sleepovers, this triple bunk beds frame is a great way to go versus trying to dig the air mattress out of the closet.

Of course, if you have three younger children who all share a bedroom, this model is made with you in mind. (Little known fact: With a three-kid bedroom in your home, as a parent, you automatically hit the minimum requirements to become an NFL referee because of all of the fights you’ve undoubtedly broken up. You’re more than qualified to tell 300-pound hulks what to do.)

This is an all metal triple bunk bed set with guardrails on the middle and upper bunks and separate ladders that lead to the middle and upper bunks. It comes in all twin or all full size, just in case you have 3 teens sharing a room(may the force be with you).

$565.62 AT AMAZON

CasaKids MiniBunk Bed with Stairs

Another thing we never had as kids? A bed this cool. The MiniBunk is modern, fresh and will fit comfortably into even the smallest of bedrooms. It measures less than 5 feet in height, which is great if you have lower ceilings or don’t want the kiddos out of reach.

The MiniBunk comes in white, wood tones or a combo of the two, and will look classic and sleek in any setting. For added safety, the MiniBunk has stairs to reach the top versus a ladder, and each stair has a built-in drawer for extra storage. Just think, the kids can put their toys away on their way to bed each night! #snicker

CasaKids has a ton of other bunk bed designs, giving you a load of product ideas to match to your space. CasaKids will even customize an order for you. Within the New York City area, CasaKids’ specialists will assemble the bed on-site for you. For out-of-state customers, the company offers optional assembly.

Now if the company only offered kids’ bedroom cleanup service too, it’d be the greatest invention for parents since crust-less PB&J.


If bunk beds are simply not ideal for your situation, don’t worry. We’ve got other beds and kid’s gear!

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