There Ain't Nothing Good About Diaper Rash. Let's Put an end to This Literal Pain in the Ass.

by Kyle Schurman
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Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash Cream

There are so many great things to experience when you have a baby. But no matter how adorable that little tushie can be, diaper changing time is not one of the great things to experience as a new parent. Unless, that is, you like having sh*t on your hands, on the baby’s clothes, and everywhere in between. (I ended up with it sprayed across my eyeglasses once. Don’t ask.)

But wait: Diaper time can be even worse when diaper rash enters the equation. As babies wear diapers, the pH levels on the skin increase, sometimes leading to a bright red rash. Babies can’t verbalize how bad this rash hurts, but they have ways to make it pretty clear. You need to have the best diaper rash cream on hand at all times. These creams soothe the skin and usually clear up the rash within a day or two.

Now, we’re not going to try to convince you that these creams are as gross as the other parts of diaper changing. But they’re still pretty damn gross. They sometimes have a sticky, pasty consistency that seems to end up everywhere, especially if you use cloth diapers. Still, they’re a necessary part of baby care, so we have to put up with the goo. (They’ll appreciate our sacrifices later when they’re jaded teen-agers, right?)

Some of these diaper rash products are more like ointments, and the consistency varies from product to product. So if you simply can’t stand the way your current diaper cream feels, we can help you find a less gross product in our list that still works well. (Notice, we did not say “gross-free” diaper rash cream. No such thing exists.)

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