The Best Dog Bandanas For Stylish Pups

by Jessica Booth
the best dog bandanas
Dogs wearing Remi+Roo bandanas

If you want to make your dog look stylish and stand out in a crowd, the best dog bandanas are a fun and easy way to give your dog’s look a little personality — or a great way to pamper your favorite dog mom’s pup. Sure, dogs are adorable enough on their own, and they really don’t need anything else to make them look even more perfect (after all, they’re part of the family no matter what). But a little extra flair never hurt anyone, and bandana is a comfy, stylish option that won’t get in their way or feel too bulky.

Dog bandanas are also super versatile. They can be worn around the neck with the triangular part facing forward, wrapped around in a way that’s similar to a collar, or tied so the larger triangular piece goes down their back. They can also be worn to the side for a slightly jauntier doggie look. In the winter, the bandana can act like a scarf and add a little extra warmth (which is especially great for smaller dogs), and in the summer, a cooling dog bandana provides some much-needed relief from the sun and the heat, even if your dog is hanging out poolside. During holidays or different seasons, you can dress your pooch up in themed bandanas with designs that evoke Christmas, Halloween, or fall’s harvest flair.

The bottom line is that it’s hard to go wrong with a dog bandana. We’ve rounded up the best ones out there you won’t be able to resist buying:

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