10 Kites & Drones That Will Get The Kids Flying Out Of The House

by Kyle Schurman
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When you’re ready to take a break from family board games, Avengers action figures, and magnetic toys, it’s time to get the kids outdoors (or at least, off their screens) and introduce them to flying toys. Of course, depending on your kids’ maturity (and your ability to run after them), this could include high-tech options like drones and remote control airplanes, or low-tech options like kites. In any case, they all have their own charms and levels of enjoyment. Some of them would even make great gifts for your boyfriend or partner, too (especially if they’re a kid at heart).

The best flying toys for kids give you the opportunity to introduce the fun of flying to your kids without the torture of flying with your kid on an airplane. This is something that they don’t put in the pregnancy books because there is no way to describe how truly horrible it is. (I believe United still has a picture of my then 3-year-old daughter at its terminal in Orlando in the “Do Not Ever Let This Person on Our Planes Again” section of the wall.)

Now for the downside. Flying toys tend to have a higher level of getting lost, stuck in a tree, or landing on the roof. They also have a high possibility of crashing to the ground, snapping in multiple pieces. If your kid has a meltdown over lost or broken toys, it may not be time yet for a high-tech flying toy for kids— stick with a large kite (with a string that doesn’t knot easily).

Or, on another note, maybe think about the best remote control car, which stays on the ground, so it can’t end up in a tree. (Or maybe we should say, it shouldn’t end up in a tree. Never underestimate the ability of a child to do the impossible.)

If they are ready to experience a flying toy, we know it will deliver on a lot of family, outdoor fun (especially if your kiddo is tired of doing the same tie dye kit for the tenth time). Some of these even work indoors. (OK, turning the kid loose with an indoor flying toy is infinitely scary. But we know you can handle it … as long as the wine fridge is full.)

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Maybe flying toys just aren’t practical—oh well. We’ve got quite a few other ideas for fun toys that will keep the kids entertained at ground level. Check out our toy guides for some non-flying ideas for playtime.


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