13 Best Christmas Gifts & Toys For A 2 Year Old 2020, According To An Expert

The 13 Best Toys & Gifts For 2-Year-Olds, According To Experts


Figuring out what to gift the 2-year-old in your life can be frustrating. What do they need that they don’t already have? How can you make sure you’re not contributing to the ever-growing pile of plastic crap but instead providing them with gifts that will enrich their lives and help support their continued growth?

Gifts and toys that will stimulate their creativity and encourage them to mimic the behaviors of adults around them are your best bet. Two-year-olds are “at the beginning stages of pretend play,” says Monica J. Sutton, a New York and New Jersey based Early Childhood and Special Education expert. “At this age, they are feeling confident with walking and moving around on their own. Now they’re ready to really figure out their world.” Sutton recommends giving gifts that allow two-year-olds to play pretend. “Dolls, baby dolls, and accessories encourage children to mimic what they see adults do with babies and with them. They can hold the dolls, feed the dolls, etc.” Dolls are obviously not just for girls, by the way! Sutton also suggests food-related toys that allow children to pretend they are serving a meal, which allows them to work on “social skills, fine motor skills, and language skills.”

With all these recommendations in mind, Scary Mommy has curated the best development gifts and toys for the 2-year-old in your life. 

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Things With Wheels

Sutton explains that using toys with wheels help children mimic what they see outside in the world or on TV.

Dyson Toy Vacuum

gifts for 2 year olds dyson

It’s never too early to teach toddlers about cleaning up and this miniature replica of a real Dyson vacuum actually works on tiny messes.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Green Toys Car Carrier

gifts for 2 year olds truck

Encourage play and imagination with this truck set that makes stacking cars super fun.

$18.74 AT AMAZON

Hape Walk-A-Long Wooden Snail Pull Toy

Walk-A-Long Snail Pull Toy

This shape sorter and tag along or push toy can go at a snails or a toddlers pace.

$25.84 AT AMAZON

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart


A toddler can work up an appetite as they work this ice cream cart! They will also learn colors, how to count, and dance to songs along the way.

$29.82 AT AMAZON

Lego Duplo Counting Train Set

Lego Duplo Counting Train Set

Toddlers learn how to stack colorful and numbered blocks in order as they learn how to count. This is also a perfect way to introduce the concept of zero.

$15.99 AT AMAZON


Children learn caregiving skills. They can “hold the dolls, feed the dolls, clothe the dolls, and even attempt to brush or comb their hair,” says Sutton. Our top picks:

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Baby Doll

gifts for 2 year old baby 2

This French-styled doll is the perfect size for toddler boys and girls to hold and play with. Baby Carolle is also made of vanilla scened soft-to-the-touch vinyl.

$33.86 AT AMAZON

Lots To Love 10″ Baby

Coming in at only 10 inches and less than 10 ounces, this doll is a sweet baby for the little “baby” in your life.

$11.89 AT AMAZON

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Twin Baby Dolls

gifts for 2 year olds baby twins

These sweet twin dolls will have you seeing double! At 13 inches long, they’re still small enough for toddlers to cuddle and carry. And check out those adorable pajamas.

$24.49 AT AMAZON

Kitchen Toys

“Kitchen toys like cups, plates, pitchers, and more allow children to mimic what they see at home during meal time.”

Step2 Fun Kitchen With 45 Piece Accessory Set

gifts for 2 year olds kitchen set

This full kitchen set will have your little chef cooking up a storm! With real sizzling and bubbling sounds, this 45-piece play set will spark a toddler’s imagination.

$74.99 AT AMAZON

Krato Stainless Steel Mini Cookware Set

Finally your toddler won’t be unloading your cabinets on the kitchen floor with this miniature alternative set of real stainless steel pots and pans. Unfortunately, the banging sounds will be just as loud.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Play Set

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Play Set

This 25-piece produce set teaches kids colors and the names of their favorite fruits and vegetables.

$28.49 AT AMAZON

Food toddlers should actually play with that also promotes color recognition, sorting skills, and counting.

Boley Microwave Kitchen Play Set

Boley Microwave Kitchen Play Set

Spark pretend play and imagination with this interactive microwave set that will have a toddler cooking up all sorts yummy treats.

$21.94 AT AMAZON

Boxes or Containers

Sutton suggests toys that “allow children to pick up, put in, close and open […] You can use anything with a top that children have to pull off and push on.” She also says that you can give children a ball or stuffed animal that they can then use to put in and take out of a box. “All of this play will help children strengthen their fine motor skills,” she says.

Djeco Nest and Stack Blocks Set

Djeco Farm Nest and Stack Block Set

These stackable farm animal blocks feature adorable nesting figurines, numbers, and bright pops of colors to help foster pretend play and develop fine motor skills.

$19.99 AT AMAZON


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