13 Halloween Onesies For Grownups, Because You Can Totally Be Lazy *And* Celebrate

by Julia Guerra
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halloween adult onesies
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It’s gonna be a weird Halloween this year. Is it safe to trick-or-treat? Will kids still be having social distance-friendly Halloween parties? Will the partying happen on Zoom? It’s unknown territory, but that’s all the more reason why you should dress up with your kid this year. Because even if you end up watching scary movies at home and eating candy, at least they’ll feel somewhat festive. If you don’t want to put too much effort into a Halloween costume (it’s not like you’re participating in a costume contest or something) but still want to dress up, a onesie for adults is always a solid choice. It’s easy and you can wear it any day of the year if you damn well please.

This year, we have a feeling Baby Yoda is going to be the trendiest costume, so we’ve added him to the list. Other fun choices include The Boy Who Lived (aka, Harry Potter), a unicorn (because, duh), and a couple of ~sexier~ options if that’s your journey.


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