Best Mom-Approved Home Waxing Kits For Different Body Parts 2020

The 8 Best Home Waxing Kits For Every Body Part (Including That One)

February 13, 2020 Updated May 29, 2020

Best Wax At Home Kit

Any time-strapped mama knows the first rule of #momlife is that if an investment doesn’t save you time, it’s probably not worth it. That’s why home waxing kits are so money. If you can shave and see spiky regrowth within days OR wax and get twice the amount of smooth time, which would you pick? (Ding, ding if you answered the latter). 

We tend to think of waxing as requiring a trip to the salon, a pipe dream for busy women who can’t always find the time to brush their teeth, much less keep an appointment with an aesthetician. Blissfully, it’s gotten just as easy to wax at home as it is to shave, with the best home waxing kits now being easier to use and designed to tackle specific areas. No more super sticky, crazy messy situations that make your toddler look like Marie Kondo. From your legs to your bikini area (ahem, swimsuit season is coming!), it’s time to lean into at-home hair removal. 

Best For Fine And Short Hair

Face Wax Kit

Oh boy, the cool cats over at Flamingo have thought of everything. This aesthetic AF face wax kit will take care of your mustache, your chin, and your unibrow (welp!). Included in the kit are 20 double-sided face wax strips, 6 post-wax cloths, and 1 calming serum to soothe your skin post-waxing. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie with all this waxing business; Flamingo provides easy to follow directions to keep you calm as a cucumber throughout the entire process. Oh, and all products are also cruelty free! The wax strips are super easy to use—no heating required. According to the website, each strip should be good for *at least* two pulls. If one of your fears with waxing is getting covered in goop, then your prayers have been answered. Plush cloths are provided to eliminate the post-wax stickiness and nourish your skin. When you’re all done, simply use the calming serum (comes in a handy rollerball applicator) to help with sensitive areas and keep inflammation at bay.


Best For Eco Mamas

Sugaring Paste Hard For Toughest Hair (Bikini, Brazilian, Underarms)

New to organic waxing? If you’re looking for a method of hair removal that’s 100% natural, sugaring may be for you. Not only is it less painful than waxing (the sugar paste is applied to the skin against the hair growth and then removed in the same direction of hair growth), but the paste is made from just three food grade ingredients—organic sugar, organic lemon juice, and water. By following the directions, you’ll be able to do your own at-home sugaring without even having to step foot in a salon. This paste is formulated to work on the toughest hair (think: bikini, brazilian, and underarms).

Take it from a fellow sugaring convert, “This Sugaring Paste is easy to use so don’t give up. Take a small, golfball-size amount out of the container, rub it in between both hands until warmed and pliable then run it against the way the hair grows in the area you’re doing, then follow the continuing directions, provided by the company. With patience, I’m sure you too will fall in love with this Sugaring Paste. This company thoughtfully made the paste only with a lot of women’s help! I love their product because it’s the easiest to use and the best!!!”


Best At-Home Bikini Wax Kit

ILansley Waxing Kit for Women

When you can’t go to the salon, bring the salon to YOU. If you’ve ever wanted to play esthetician for the day, here’s your chance. This ILansley Waxing Kit will make waxing your legs, face, underarm, and yup, down there, a breeze. This glamorous kit includes an electronic wax machine, 3 bags of aloe wax beans, 1 bag of jasmine hard wax, a tea tree pre-wax oil, a post-wax treatment oil, and 2 latex gloves. While we believe that hair removal should 100% be a personal decision (embrace the stubble or rock silky smooth legs all summer long), this waxing kit will save you time and money.

Says this Amazon customer, “I have been debating on buying a home waxing kit for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. I am just regretting that I waited so long. Setup was very easy, the directions were clear, and this kit came with everything needed. I have thick and dark facial hair that I have had little success with the wax strips that I have previously used. This kit is a gamechanger. If you are trying to decide between just the wax and the warmer and the full kit, get the full kit! The pre-wax spray smells amazing and helps the process.”


Best For Legs

Anlome Wax Strips

If you’re new to waxing at home, start with your legs. It’s a large area of the body that requires no weird contortions and won’t be as painful as other spots you can tackle later. Pick rookie-friendly strips—they’re fairly mess-free (and idiot-proof). Popular with first-timers, aesthetician student Yvonne says they’re her go-to. “I blow through supplies on a weekly basis. These are good quality and affordable.”

Another customer on Amazon adds, “These wax strips are excellent at removing hair, even hair that is relatively short. I have not used waxing strips in a very long time, mainly due to their cumbersome and ultimately not very effective ways. However, the ‘new formula’ certainly has changed the effectiveness and results from these little strips. Gone are the days of warming pads before use, now they are ready to go whenever you are. You get 64 Strips in a box, and finishing wipes. To start just pull the strips apart, slap it on your leg, press down, and pull in the opposite direction to your hair. Just like that, the hair is gone. The strips do not leave behind any frustrating sticky residue, or certainly, nothing that the wipes cannot tackle. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that it does not hurt.”


Best For Eyebrows

Nads Eyebrow Shaper Wax Kit

When it comes to shaping brows, a tool that you can wield like a pen is smart and, so long as you use sparingly, lessens the room for error (just imagine dabbing a popsicle stick with goopy, gluey wax near your brows…). It sure beats having to make a trip to see your aesthetician every time you notice a stray hair. Says this mama, “I have a hard time finding a chance to get to the salon with three young kids and a husband who works a lot. Found this and thought I would give it a try. Holy, batman! I don’t think I will ever go back to the salon. It cost me $10 and I will probably get another two uses out of it before I need a new box. Each time I go to salon it is at least $18 with tip. I have very sensitive skin and get super red (like the ladies get all freaked out-so red). I am red from this gel but not nearly what happens to me when I get them waxed. This gel also smells so amazing!” Okay, seriously, what do you have to lose?!


Best For Face

Avashine Wax Strips

The face tends to be more sensitive than legs or arms, so finding a product that lessens the pain factor is vital for winning this category. Shoppers raved over how minimal the ouch was, and, while not designed for the face, the strips are easy to cut to whatever size or shape you need. The strips are made from bee wax and jojoba seed oil, so they’re gentle enough for sensitive skin. It only takes 3 seconds to fall in love with this product… well, okay you’ll feel pain and then relief because you won’t have to worry about peach fuzz on yo’ face. Raves this Amazon customer, “I love that this does not require a microwave. It can be used literally ANYWHERE. all you do is warm the strips between your hands for about 15 seconds. Pull the strips apart and BAM, your ready to wax. I am extremely self-conscious about the hair on my upper lip, Avashine Wax Strips took that uneasy feeling away. I am now more confident and have more money to spend (vs waxing at the salon). I am 100% satisfied and will be ordering again soon.”


Best For Underarms

Surgi Wax Brazilian Wax Kit

The curvature of your pits can make strips a little tricky (think about all the wrinkling action whenever you put a bandage on a round area like your knee). Hard wax creates, for lack of a better term, a custom fit that will get more hairs in less yanks. Although this stuff is made for a Brazilian wax, don’t be fooled, it’s great for waxing your underarm area, too. It comes with wide easy-to-grip spatulas that allow you to lay more wax down at a time. 

This Amazon customer shares, “After trying a number of wax removal options, I came back to this and am very pleased with how easy, tidy, and effective it is. Tips: make sure skin is fully dry (don’t do it while skin is still sweating after a shower, wait 20 mins or so) and use a *little* bit of the oil provided (too much and the wax won’t adhere well). After a few uses, break product from edges toward center while cold (before heating) to make use of the full pot. Love that I can travel with this and only need a microwave to heat it up!” 


Best For Thick, Coarse Hair

VidaSleek Waxing Kit

Not all hair is created equal, and sometimes you’ve gotta be honest about what you’re working with. As a self-proclaimed “Sasquatch,”  Taryn said these are what got the job done. “I legitimately have the hairiest, darkest, most intense, out-of-control leg hair a girl could possibly have. It’s thick, blacker than a starless night and grows back within hours of being shaved.” And while the VidaSleek kit was sticky and had an ouch-factor (honestly, tricky to avoid…), it was worth it x 100. “For $20, I literally just changed my entire life.”

To use, heat up the hair removal wax for 30 seconds. With continued use, your hair will gradually stop growing—but initially, you can at least expect to be hair-free for up to 8 weeks. Can you imagine not ever having to pick up a razor again? The kit includes hair removal wax, 10 waxing strips, 2 cleansing towelettes, and 2 wooden spatulas for easy application.


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