Best Kids Gardening Tools For Your Little Farmer In Training

by Jessica Waller
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It seems like most kids have a natural proclivity for getting covered in dirt, so why not channel that mud-magnetism into a fun new outdoor activity like gardening? After all, we’re betting you’re in need of a new kid-friendly home project for spring right about now, and small-scale gardening can help you *and* your little ones feel more connected to nature.

Whether you carve out a mini-plot in your front lawn or set a planter table on your porch or even just pop some pots on a sill, gardening is an engaging project for little hands that already love to get dirty. You’ll want the best gardening tools for kids so that it fits in their hands just right and so they won’t need your help carrying their tool bag.

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We’ve rounded up all the tools you’ll need to get started, from mini spades and trowels to help with weeding to a real metal wheelbarrow to help “move mulch” to a sweet seed kit for growing real veggies. Ready to dig in? Here are some of the best kids gardening tools that your own little sprouts are sure to love. Get ready to sing “Let it Grow” a lot, and if you haven’t yet seen The Lorax, save that for the next rainy day.

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Kids Gardening Toys

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