8 Of The Best Educational And Thought-Provoking Kindergarten Books For A Five-Year-Old's Library

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Best Kindergarten Books

Preparing for kindergarten can be emotional for everyone involved — kids, parents, even grandparents! Right about now you’re probably wondering how these past few years went so fast, while your little cutie is wondering what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks kindergarten is. Luckily, there are several kindergarten books out there that can make this transition a little easier on everyone.

In addition to books that can help your kiddo prepare for the big first day of school, there are also incredible books available for you and your little student to explore. From classic kindergarten tales to newer age-appropriate books with progressive themes, there’s a kindergarten-level book for just about any topic you may want to discuss with your child. And reading time is always good time spent together.

Found your great new kindergarten library? Don’t forget the bigger kids need some new books and kids gear, too.


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