The 11 Best Makeup Organizers To Buy Now — Because Beauty Clutter Is A Bad Look

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Chomeiu Beauty Travel Makeup Case Organizer

Makeup: We love buying it, but kind of hate storing it. It seems like one minute you’re excited over a new cheek tint or nail polish, the next you’re lamenting how your vanity, bathroom counter, dresser drawer, or all of the above, have turned into the beauty-product abyss. If you have tons of options but can barely find the items you’re actually looking to use, it’s time to get it together–with a makeup organizer, that is.

Organizing? Ha! Easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly. Once you’ve edited through the cosmetics you use–and not the ones collecting dust, or bacteria, or God knows what at the bottom of your product pile—there are all sorts of makeup organizers to choose from. From portable cosmetic cases to countertop units designed specifically for brushes or glosses to rotating all-in-one storage options, there’s a way to keep your bountiful beauty collection organized and easy to find. Hallelujah!

So what are the best makeup organizers to buy in 2020? We’re so glad you asked. Below, you’ll find noteworthy picks that are available now. With tons of rave reviews and a variety of price points to choose from, the selection ahead surely offers an organization option that works for your needs. Less time “putting on your face” means more time for, well, whatever you want.

Best Makeup Organizer for the Value

Best Counter Space-Saver

Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Best Nail Polish Holder

Best Makeup Organizer Bag

Best for Lip Color Junkies

Best Makeup Brush Holder

Best Train Case

Best Makeup Palette Organizer

Best Wall-Hanging Organizer

Best Travel Option

Find your best makeup organizer? Yay! Life feels easier already, doesn’t it? Shop more beauty must-haves to make it feel–and look–even better!


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