The Best Period Underwear Out There, According To Reviews

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best period panties

Cis women and trans men have been menstruating since the beginning of time, and yet even with modern medicine and technology, periods still suck. At the very least, they’re a monthly annoyance you put up with, but it’s more than likely you also have to deal with cramps, bloating, and an insatiable desire to just be lying down all the time. Then there are the occasional (and often unpredictable) leaks. Tampons and menstrual cups aren’t always accessible for everyone, so period underwear can be a great alternative solution. And when we say period underwear, we’re not referring to those old frumpy undergarments hidden in the back of your drawer that you pull out every month because you don’t want to ruin your good underwear.

Period underwear (or period panties—whatever you prefer) usually has extra layers built in to help absorb and wick away menstrual blood. Some pairs are designed to be worn without any other feminine products, while others can be used as an extra backup system to protect from unwanted leaks. And even though you may be picturing a bulky diaper-like garment in your head, there are lots of options that are actually cute enough to be in the front of your underwear drawer. They’re also environmentally friendly, as they’re reusable and often machine-washable.

Depending on your needs and style, here are 8 of the best period panties that will help you keep up with your flow.

High Absorbency Underwear

Medium Absorbency Underwear

Light Absorbency Panties

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