8 Ideas For Personalized Jewelry As A Gift Or Gift To Self

by Kelsey Haywood Lucas
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Personalized Bracelet Jewelry

You agonized for eons over your kids’ names: Amelia or Emilia? Rowan or Roman?? And nothing makes you quite so proud as those adorable, aptly-named little babes. So honestly, why wouldn’t you wear their names like a badge of honor?

You’ve probably noticed that customized baubles are everywhere right now (hello potential mommy & me). Personalized jewelry is one of those “trends” that feels very of-the-moment, but never actually goes out of style. In fact, it’s been around (in various forms) for basically forever. But while Carrie Bradshaw might be widely credited with making the nameplate necklace a mainstream must-have, the history and cultural significance goes much deeper and wider. Throughout history, nameplates have been a way of asserting individuality, and the tradition has roots stretching waaaay back throughout the Victorian era, Jewish belief systems, post-WWII working-class women, and, most recently, ’80s and ’90s hip-hop culture — which took the look mainstream. Meanwhile, monograms originated among royalty in early Greek and Roman culture, then gained popularity for practical purposes before getting all cutesy in the Victorian era (think: monogrammed linens and lockets).

Lately, we’re all about the idea of honoring our littlest loved ones by keeping their names close to our hearts. And since there are more adorable options for personalized jewelry for moms than ever before, you can customize your own necklace (or bracelet! or ring!) whether your style is completely classic or heavy on the glitz-and-glam factor.

Single Name Custom Necklace

Beaded Custom Alphabet Bracelet

Custom Coin Necklace

Double Name Custom Necklace

Beaded Name Custom Necklace

Custom Statement Hoops

Blingy Custom Chain Letters

Handwriting, Soundwave or Roman Numeral Custom Ring

Now that you’ve got your customized jewelry situation on lock, it’s time to tackle summer fashion trends to make even your comfiest mom clothes look way cuter.


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