8 Best Dog & Cat Foods For Your Loyal Companion (Because Pets Are Family, Too)

by Karen Tietjen
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Best Dog Pet Food

It’s fun to find yummy chew toys, comfy pet beds, and handy pet supplies for your furry pal, but when it comes to choosing the right dog or cat food? Not so much. If you’re of the camp that pets are family, we’d have to say we agree (and maybe their no-strings-attached love and lack of backtalk makes them your favorite household member, at that). So if you’re thinking, “I want to feed my dog/cat like family instead of grabbing the cheapest bag of kibble at a pet store near me,” we get it. That’s why — with the help of Dog Food Advisor, which rates thousands of pet food brands, as well as Amazon reviewers — we’ve compiled a list of 8 grain-free and grain-inclusive dog and cat foods that you can feel good about.

To clarify, there are lots of great pet foods out there and no single food is “best,” as every animal has different dietary needs. However, you might be surprised that you won’t find big names like Fromm, Royal Canin, Purina, and Blue Buffalo here. That’s because we sorted out a handful of the highest-rated foods to bring you a few top choices. Whether you’re looking for a quality food that’s sustainably sourced, almost raw, or budget-friendly, these (pet) mom-approved 2020 picks contain whole foods to nourish your companion as healthily as possible.

Best Humane & Sustainably-Sourced Pet Food: Open Farm

Best Biologically Appropriate Pet Food: Orijen

Best Quality Pet Food On A Budget: Taste of the Wild

Best Raw(ish) Pet Food: The Honest Kitchen

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