Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys To Buy In 2020, Mom-Approved

8 *Nearly* Indestructible Dog Toys That Will Stand Up To Even The Toughest Teefs

Tough Dog Chew Toys

Not every chew toy for dogs is created equal–but, of course, you knew that already. If you’re the parent of a pup who demolishes even the most seemingly-indestructible dog chew toys, the struggle is real–especially now, when you’ve got human kids to keep busy at home. If you’ve been through an array of what you thought were tough dog toys, only to find yourself on to the next one a day later, you need stronger-than-average options. That’s where we come in.

Whether you’ve got a big dog or a smaller pup, aggressive chewers can end up costing you a fortune in replacement toys and, more seriously, vet bills. There’s also the extra time you spend cleaning up after eviscerated plush stuffies, rubber balls, bones, and even dog beds–or, God forbid, your own furniture. More stress? Right now? Hard pass. Finding indestructible, or nearly-indestructible dog chew toys is a pet necessity for saving money, time, and general sanity.

So what exactly are the best dog toys for aggressive chewers? That depends on the size of your pupper, as well as your dog’s needs/favorite way to play. Is he a fetch ball fanatic? A chew stick connoisseur? An energetic pup who needs a problem-solving puzzle-style toy? Ahead you’ll find options for every power chewer, big or small.

Best Stick Chew Toys for Dogs

Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Benebone offers flavored wishbone dog toys for aggressive chewers of all sizes. Available in small (for dogs under 30 lbs) up to giant sizes (for dogs under 120 lbs), these chews are made from ultra-durable nylon flavored with food-grade bacon, chicken, and peanut–so they taste like real bones, but last way longer. The wishbone design isn’t just for aesthetics, either: A curved shape makes it easy for puppers to grab this chew bone and hang on, keeping them happily gnawing away for weeks. That may be why these tough dog toys boast nearly 7,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Testimonials include raves like, “My four dogs absolutely destroy bones but this one has lasted quite a while,” and “It’s been two months of him chewing it! It’s durable, and he loves it too!”

What’s more: Benebone donates product to U.S. shelters and rescues weekly. Tough dog toys that do good, too? We’re in. 


Nylabone Flavored Durable Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone offers a variety of strengths of their classic nylon chew toy for dogs, depending on how voraciously your pup gnaws; the Power Chew being the most durable for “extreme chewing.” This tough toy comes in extra small through extra large sizes, and four flavors, so whether your little monster is under 15 lbs or over 50 lbs, there’s an appropriate option that can stand up to the teeth test. Speaking of teeth, Nylabon’s dog toys for aggressive chewers not only satisfy that gnawing feeling, they also help keep chompers clean and control plaque and tartar buildup. Win-win! “I have a bulldog and she loves to gnaw on bones,” wrote one reviewer, “This is her current favorite and I love it because they last sooooo long. I hate the raw hides as they are slimey when she chews on them and I always seem to step on them. These bones apparently have great taste because she keeps ignoring her others for this one. I’ve had others by this brand and only reason we got new was she lost it. You could hardly tell she had chewed on it for year or better.” Sounds pretty indestructible to us.


Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

A splinter-free chew toy for dogs who are obsessed with sticks? Sign us up. For pups who can’t resist twigs, branches, and everything in between, these tough dog toys offer the texture and taste of real wood in a safe, durable, non-toxic form. Choose from real wood or mesquite barbecue flavor, in sizes petite through large, and keep your pupper busy–AKA: not gnawing on dirty sticks or the corner of your coffee table, and yes, we speak from experience. Nearly 2,000 reviewers recommend these dog toys for aggressive chewers. “Our dogs new favorite chew. She literally sits there at night like a kid with a chocolate bunny. No smell and no mess,” wrote one. A dog foster parent (kudos!!) also raved, “We have a 6 month old Pit mix staying with us and he needed something to chew on. He spends hours a day on it and it is not even half way gone. So happy with this product!”


Best ‘Indestructible’ Dog Chew Toys for Hiding Treats

West Paw Zogoflex Large Tux Tough Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

Is there anything this nifty little toy doesn’t do? The Tux chew toy for dogs can be stuffed with treats to keep your pup engaged and occupied or tossed as a fetch toy sans treats; it’s also great for a game of tug-o-war and even floats if your doggo likes to swim and fetch at the same time. All the while, this nearly-indestructible dog chew toy stays intact. Added bonuses: It’s 100% recyclable, non-toxic and free of BPA and phthalates, and it’s dishwasher-safe. As far as dog toys for aggressive chewers go, this one scores high marks from happy customers (91% give it a 4 or 5/5) , including one who wrote, “My Belgian Malinois can chew up ANY toy in less than 30 minutes! …except this one!! We now have three of them (This is a favorite toy of both our dogs!), and one is over a year old with no chunks or hunks chewed out of it. It holds a treat which makes it even more appealing…I highly recommend this toy!! If I could only choose one, it would be this one!”


Kong Extreme Dog Toy

When it comes to chew toys for dogs, the Kong is a must-have–especially for parents of teething puppies or anxious/energetic dogs who need to be kept occupied. That said, not all Kongs are the same: For pup parents looking for nearly indestructible dog chew toys, the Kong Extreme has the maximum level of durability. Made of the strongest rubber the brand offers, this version features everything that makes the original so beloved–the design and the unpredictable bounce, for example–and comes in black instead of classic red for easy distinction. The Extreme is available in sizes small through XXL and earns rave reviews from parents of all types of pups, including one who wrote, “Our Pomeranian is a chewer. This is the only product found to date that he hasn’t been able to tear apart within the first 20 minutes of chewing/playing. He loves to throw it around himself and the ability to fill it with treats is the best! I highly recommend this if yours is a chewer too!” At the other end of the pooch size spectrum, another wrote, “The only toy that can withstand the chewing power of my 100lb dog.”


Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Who Like to Play Fetch

Chew King Fetch Balls Extremely Durable Natural Dog Toy Ball

If you live with a toy destroyer, aside from your human kiddo, you need indestructible dog chew toys that are built for the challenge. Chew King’s durable fetch balls are made of pet-safe natural rubber which stands up to slobber and teefs better than your average tennis ball. They come with room to tuck a treat inside, a two-hole design meant to prevent suction/tongues getting stuck, and they’re dishwasher safe! Do they go the distance? According to nearly 700 positive reviews, yes. That includes one happy customer who wrote, “I have 2 staffordshire terriers and 1 American bully, they’ve had these balls over a week & they’ve held up incredibly. They’re all obsessed with them, and I honestly thought they’d be destroyed in 10 minutes! Very happy with this purchase, they’re worth every penny.” Another raved, “My dog absolutely loves this ball, since I’ve opened it she has not put the ball down, whenever I take her for a walk she takes the bar everywhere she goes. This is amazing she’s been chewing on it all day and it doesn’t have a single Nick or scratch to it. best product I’ve ever bought her and I spoil my baby like she’s my biological.” Yeah, we get that.


Best Tough Dog Toy for Playing Tug

GoughNuts Dog Tug Toy

For big doggos who don’t know their own strength, the Goughnuts Tug Toy offers a safe, durable way to play tug-o-war. It’s 11 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 1.5 inches in cross section: Just hold onto one side and let your pup grab onto the other and, well, go nuts!  Think of these as dog toys for “aggressive chewers” who aren’t actually aggressive–let’s call it enthusiastic. Pup parents are equally as enthusiastic–that includes one who wrote “Well, to start, it has lasted almost 7 days and looks exactly the same as when it came in. He also is all over me all day to play tug, so I think this toy is AMAZING.” Another raved, “Opened the package upon delivery and dog has not stopped playing with it. He will pick it up and place it [on] my lap not only to play tug, but to play fetch as well. Extremely durable and is by far the only toy that he hasn’t ripped. Not even basketballs stand a chance in my house.” Overall verdict: These indestructible dog chew toys are worth going nuts for.


Monster K9 Ultra-Durable Chew Toy

Monster K9 is known for their virtually indestructible dog chew toys–and their lifetime replacement guarantee (they will issue a refund or one-time replacement for any dog toy that doesn’t last “as long as you think it should.”) This super-durable chew toy for dogs is puncture-resistant and made from a natural rubber compound that is safe and non-toxic, so you can allow your power chewer can go to town, worry-free! For strong doggos like Mastiffs, Labs, and Pitties, these tough dog toys go the distance and are beloved by pup parents. Exhibit A: Out of over 1100 reviews, 90% of customers give this toy a rating of 4 or 5. “I purchased this back in December, it is now May”  wrote one, “I got this for my boyfriends dog whom kept destroying every toy I would buy her. This has lasted and it has absolutely no dents or bite marks on the toy so far.” Another noted, “First toys that I have found that my dog don’t destroy within 10 minutes!!! I will from now on be buying toys from this company!!! Pup tested, dog-mom approved.


Found the best toy for your power chewer? Great! Now on to shopping more home and kitchen essentials!

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