Bump-Friendly Pregnancy Halloween Costumes Perfect For Pregnancy

by Steph Osmanski
Originally Published: 
best halloween costumes pregnancy

Well, mamas, if you are pregnant this Halloween then you might as well make the most of it with the perfect maternity Halloween costume. In recent years, dressing up a baby bump has become a God-given right of moms-to-be everywhere and, as a result, the internet has seen some pretty creative Halloween costumes that really take the cake. This year, Halloween is a bit different. You might be staying home to keep yourself and Baby safe during COVID-19, which means all the more reason to have fun with your Halloween costume indoors. So what if you’re just watching a scary movie with your partner? There are ton of baby bump-friendly Halloween costumes (that are more than just “a pumpkin,” even though that’s always a cute and budget-friendly idea — and we’ve included a dress option!) out there, so start thinking about what you want to buy now before everything sells out.

Whether you’re looking to flaunt your bump or you’re not quite ready to show it off just yet, there’s a pregnancy-friendly costume out there for you to wear this upcoming October 31.


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