10 Best Summer Water Sports According To Mom 2020

10 Best Water Sports To Ride, Paddle & Tube Through Summer

Summer Water Sports

What better way to make memories this summer than packing up the cooler and the kiddos for a day on the water. A day on the water doesn’t have to be limited to lounge chairs and pool floats. There are tons of water sports for every body of water. Who knows, maybe you are a natural on the paddle board or still shred on a surfboard – we know you’ve still got it. Grab the goggles, buckle up the life jackets and get out there to make some summer memories— even if it’s of your epic wipeout.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lake in your backyard, you’ll need a good supply of water toys. And if the water’s a drive away, you can load up the roof rack or go for inflatables (yes, even for kayaks). And if for some reason you aren’t into actually getting wet (we all have a little land-shark in us after all), these water sports will entertain the kids for hours. And that in itself is worth every.single.penny.

Airhead Towable Hot Dog Tube-Triple Size

We triple dog dare you to make golden summer memories on the Airhead Hot Dog towable tube. This water weenie is a crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike. “We’ve had our kids out all summer on this and they love it. They want a fun ride, but don’t want to go flying. The Hot Dog is exciting and bouncy”, said one Amazon reviewer. Neoprene seat pads plus deluxe wrapped handles and knuckle guards prevent any discomfort during the ride of your life. Plus this dog is built to last. “We’ve filled it once at the beginning of the season, stored it in the garage full, and just topped it off a little each time we go out. It’s held air very well.” Designed to accommodate any size family, this will ensure non-stop family laughs all afternoon!

$265.53 AT AMAZON

Costway 6' Foam Surf Body Board

We all wanted to chase some waves after watching Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush (you know the 2002 cult classic surf movie).  So what are you waiting for? Start realizing your surfer dreams – or at least project them onto your kids. The Costway 6 foot foam surfboard is the perfect beginner board for kids and adults. It’s lightweight and the removable fins allow this board to be easily hauled to and from the beach. Plus, it costs a fraction of the traditional fiberglass boards, which tend to be much more expensive and hard to manage. One reviewer wrote, “We love this surfboard!! We got it for our kids as a Christmas gift and it floats them well and is the perfect soft top for them to learn on. And this totally floats my husband (avid surfer) no problem.”  

*Sidenote: if you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Blue Crush plan a date night for yourself and get inspired to crush it on the Costway surfboard.

$179.99 AT WALMART

Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer Trampoline

Ever wonder what it would be like to jump off a trampoline into water? Guess what, the smart folks at Rave Sport actually executed on that idea…and it is awesome! The Rave Sport O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer is a floating trampoline with a slide and a swim platform. This is the ultimate youngster water playground! Designed for kids under 10 years old (it does have a 60 lb. suggested weight limit), the 5 foot trampoline provides ample space to bounce off into the surrounding water. Randolph on Amazon says, “The best money we spent on vacation. There were 6 children between ages of 3 and 13 years. This was a great buy. It kept the kids occupied for hours on end. The kids loved it.”

$477.84 AT AMAZON

Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ever try to use a snorkel? Clenching teeth and mouth breathing can make it really hard, right?  Lucky for us (and our kids), the Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask is an easy use, one piece solution to the frustrations of the classic snorkel and mask sets.  The Full Face Snorkel Mask is a 2-in-1 surface diving mask that provides 180° panoramic views without the fuss of holding a snorkel in your mouth. The snorkel is top mounted on the mask allowing the user to breathe through both your nose and mouth – perfect for beginners and kids. Plus the fog free mask technology provides crystal clear underwater viewing. Don’t want a mouth full of water? The Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask uses an anti-leak air valve system to prevent water from entering the snorkel and mask when fully submerged. Underwater sightseeing has never looked so good!

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Airhead EZ Ski Waterski Training Tube

Let’s face it, the scariest part of learning to water ski is the inevitable face plant into the lake. But what if that could be eliminated so kids could focus on the fun of water skis without the risk? That is where the Airhead EZ Ski comes in. This ingenious inflatable is a beginner water ski instructor for kids (up to 70 lbs) to easily and safely learn to ski. The inflatable seat is the perfect starting point for young skiers. When comfortable, your little water warrior can stand up on the attached water ski trainers (there are even little bindings for their feet) from that seated position without risk of face planting. An Amazon reviewer raves, “We started slow but within an hour she (my daughter) was standing up and cruising around the lake. The next day she got up on her water skis for the first time. The smile on her face was priceless.” So— where was the EZ Ski when we were young?

$154.99 AT AMAZON

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

Excited to get your little one on the open water? Look no further than the top sitting Youth Wave Kayak from Lifetime. Created specifically for kids 5 and older, your little adventurer will find a comfortable fit with three different length foot rests to accommodate growing legs. The 18 pound lightweight design features molded finger grips for easy transport – which means your kiddo can likely do the dragging and launching of this kayak solo. The kid friendly design features a rear swim-up re-entry deck for easy in and out of the boat. The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is available in youthful brights including blue, green, and orange for added safety on the water. Plus each kayak comes with a child sized paddle that fits perfectly in the molded paddle cradle when it’s time to take a rest or dive in the water.

$129.99 AT AMAZON

Sportsstuff Big Mable Towable Tube

Get ready to laugh your face off! Big Mable is easily the best thing to pull behind a boat out on the lake. The Big Mable lounger by Sportsstuff seats two riders (kids or adults) and features dual tow points so it can be pulled forwards or backwards for extra riding excitement. Mrs S on Amazon said, “This thing is awesome!! A hit with the kids under 10, teenagers, and the kids over 50. Everyone has a blast on this thing and everyone at the lake talks about it. We even spun it around like a chariot and it was wild. So. Much. Fun.” Looking for bigger fun? Check out the Sportsstuff Super Mable, which holds up to 3 riders. Katie, mom of three, raves, “Although my kids are getting bigger and exploring other water sports, Big Mable is still the fan favorite! They can stay on it for dayzzz!”

$269.87 AT AMAZON

Intex Inflat-A-Bull Ride On Pool Toy

Turn your summer into a water rodeo with the Intex Inflat-A-Bull. Guaranteed to provide hours of laughter for the whole family! M. McCarthy wrote, “The best thing I have ever purchased!!!!! Hours of fun!! We had multiple adult males get on and the bull is still alive. Very sturdy.” The Inflat-A-Bull is made of heavy-duty 17.5 gauge vinyl which can support riders up to 220 pounds.  Hold on tight with 5 heavy duty handles.

A. Brewster said, “I thought my 7 grandchildren would have fun on this in the lake this summer, when they all come over the Fourth of July week. I also thought it might not last the whole week with 5 boys (7 to 14) wrestling to see who could get on and stay on. The week is now over, the children have all gone home and the bull and I are resting and relaxing in the lake awaiting next year” This unexpected water sport is great in the open water (you might want to anchor it) and just as perfect in a pool. Yeehaw!

$74.99 AT AMAZON

Uenjoy Inflatable Paddle Board

If you haven’t hopped on a paddle board yet…what are you waiting for!?! Stand up paddling (or SUP for short) is a super fun way to spend time on the water – and it happens to be a pretty great workout too! The Uenjoy Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is incredibly lightweight, ultra transportable, and tons more affordable than your average paddle board. But this inflatable board is not your kid’s blowup pool float. The Uenjoy Inflatable Paddle Board is super sturdy with a military grade thickened PVC top and bottom with anti-slip grips for your feet. The Uenjoy Inflatable Paddle Board comes with everything you need to get started including an adjustable paddle, air pump, foot rope and more.  All you need is a life vest and a sense of adventure to complete the package.

$279.99 AT AMAZON

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Looking for a new water adventure behind the boat? Check out the SereneLife kneeboard. Popular among kids and adults alike, kneeboarding is a challenging tow ride that’s easily picked up by beginners. “My grandsons (5 and 8) both got up on their first session”, explains Ken, “ A few wipeouts later they’ve mastered steering in and out of the wake. We love the kneeboard as a first step towards water skiing.” Easy on the knees, the SereneLife kneeboard sports a soft cushioned padding for the most comfortable ride. So go ahead, strap yourself in (literally strap yourself in with the adjustable knee strap attached to the board), grab the rope, and hit the water. You will be ripping 360s and riding backwards in no time— ok let’s be honest, you might be taking video and cheering on your kids from the comfort of the boat, but that rocks, too!

$109.99 AT AMAZON

Ahhh, the long days of summer. Do you think we call them long because it is up to us parents to entertain our children 24-7 during the summer? You’ll need great kids gear.

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