10 Best Products To Minimize Sun Spots— The Sun Is Your Ultimate Frenemy

by Yelena Moroz Alpert
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If you think about it, sunshine is probably the textbook definition of a frenemy. One minute it’s all nice and warm, putting you in the spotlight, but suddenly it turns on you, marring you with annoying sun spots. “The hardest thing about unprotected sun exposure is that the effects are at least 10 years delayed,” says Elyse Love, MD, New York City board-certified dermatologist. “Once it starts to present, so much damage has already been done. It’s never too late to become diligent about sun protection though.” We don’t want to say it, but the sun is a real bitch.

You can’t escape the sun and its UVA and UVB rays, but you have to acknowledge that it was never your skin’s friend. Short-term, too much sun leaves skin parched and burned, and leaving the house without sunscreen is a guarantee that you’ll start seeing fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots earlier than you’d like. (And don’t get us started on skin cancer risks). But because you’re a bad ass, you’re going to bolster your defenses against sun spots on your face, and elsewhere. Here is how.

Obviously, wear sunscreen—especially on your face, chest and hands. “Incorporating retinol and vitamin C into the routine are the next most useful daily steps,” says Love. “Topicals can provide moderate results over months to years of use.” Adding skin care products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)—like glycolic, lactic, and malic acids—as well as cream and serums with antioxidants also helps reverse sun spots. One thing to keep in mind, because these ingredients work hard to scrub those sun spots off your face, you want to be careful about layering everything at once. Love suggests starting one at a time, and slowly building up your sun spot skin repair routine. The products below can help you get started.

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Best Vitamin C Product for Sun Spots on Face

Best AHA Product for Sun Spots on Face

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