28 Best Yoga Gifts To Keep Calm And Om On, According To Yoga Teachers

Keep Calm And Om On: 28 Best Yoga Gifts For Your Favorite Yogi

October 26, 2020 Updated June 10, 2021

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Looking for yoga gifts for your loved ones this year? Makes sense. Yes, we know that the giving principles in yoga focus on seva—the act of selfless service—but let’s agree that this year brought enough selfless service (oh, let us count the ways). Now is not the time to feel guilty about pampering with self-care gifts. That’s why we found the best gifts for yoga lovers.

We talked to yogis coast to coast to bring you the ultimate yoga gifts that include everyone from your Zoom yoga teacher to your stressed out BFF to you, Mama! To help us with the best yoga gift ideas, we tapped Kino MacGregor, international Ashtanga yoga teacher, and author of Get Your Yoga On: 30 Days To Build A Practice That Fits Your Body And Your Life. According to MacGregor, best yoga gifts span everything from a quality yoga mat to a sturdy tripod (you can’t vinyasa and hold a phone camera). And don’t underestimate the value of durable hair ties and kaleidoscopic reusable tumblers to keep your tea steamy.

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Yoga teachers are the other essential workers who’ve helped you preserve an iota of sanity this past year. Thank your favorite yoga teacher for their flawless Spotify playlists guiding each virtual practice,  or a friend who introduced you to that awesome yoga app, or perhaps you need to show yourself some gratitude for rolling out that dusty yoga mat and  becoming your own kick ass yoga instructor. Start browsing through zen-inducing candles, bub.

Now, wrap it up pretty as you keep championing yoga instructors through live and virtual classes, workshops and even retreats. “Yoga teachers and yoga studios have really been impacted this past year,” adds MacGregor. “They could probably use a little bit of support from you.”

Best Yoga Gift Ideas For Any Yogi Seeking A Zen 2021

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

You’ll never want to part with this meditation cushion—and for good reason. This buckwheat hull filled meditation pillow is designed by LA yogi, Angela Kukhahn, to help support your spine as you om. “I never could get comfortable on my purple cushion during meditation,” writes Chanta R in her 5-star Amazon review. “But as soon as I received my Brentwood. I was comfortable as soon as I sat on it. My meditation practice went from 10 minutes to an hour in 2 days. My butt no longer hurts from sitting in this position for a long time.” You’ll nestle comfortably into this gorgeous stitch-knit cushion and sink just enough to rest easy, yet remain present. Now that’s a present in itself (wink!).

$59.00 AT AMAZON

Yoga Design Lab The Combo Yoga Mat 2-in-1

A machine washable yoga mat does exist! Throw this baby in the wash and it will serve you for years. This eco-friendly mat is made from natural tree rubber, making it extra cushy on the knees as you get comfortable in lizard pose. Since it’s lined with a thin, yet cashmere-soft microfiber ‘towel’ (made from recycled bottles) you will feel confident gliding through your hot yoga flow, not waddling though a sweat swamp. No wonder it has almost 2,000 reviews. “The mat is heavy, good quality and the soft side is velvety and luxurious,” writes Amazon reviewer AYB. “I personally love the feel of this mat. The colors and designs are beautiful, which I care about (I like aesthetics).”

$88.00 AT AMAZON

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Strap

Even if you can reach your toes with ease, a yoga strap makes all the difference in your practice. We love the Yoga Design yoga strap for oodles of reasons; let us count the ways. We love that it’s super long—8-feet—so you can comfortably stretch without having to adjust as you try to balance. We love that its colorful designs match the brand’s yoga mat collection and that the water-based colorful prints won’t face or take on icky yellowish sweat stains. We also really love that $1 of each purchase supports youth yoga programs—a yoga gift that keeps on giving.

$18.00 AT AMAZON

Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm

Yoga and bare feet. Bare feet and yoga. Give your footsies some TLC with this CBD-infused balm that stars manuka honey, known for its antimicrobial properties. Each application feels like a well-deserved foot massage.  But don’t just let your feet have all the fun, rub this citrus-scented goodness all over. Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance.


Elenture Large Yoga Mat Bag

When was the last time you had a small bag? Right. That’s why your yoga mat bag shouldn’t be any different. Leave the yoga mat strap to the minimalists, and embrace the mantra of a yogi who is ready for anything with this roomy yoga tote. “The bag is made with a heavy canvas and lined,” writes Amazon reviewer NCBanks. “The stitches are neat, the handles and zipped are sturdy and overall appears to be very well made. I was able to fit my Manduka Pro mat, 2 blocks a strap and still have room for a water bottle, small towel, mat cleaner, keys and cell phone. There are two zippered pockets—one on the outside and one on the inside. Highly recommend!” You can practically pack a whole studio in there—and that’s how we like it.

$25.98 AT AMAZON

UpCircleSeven Yoga Prop Wheel Set—3 Pack

Turns out, not all yoga wheels are created equal. The UpCircleSeven is an innovator in its field thanks to its comfy padding that won’t absorb your sweat. Meaning: it doesn’t stink. Use the 12-inch to assist with backbends and shoulder stands, and the 6-inch mini to work out tight knots. Regardless of your flexibility, this nifty tool set enhances any practice, as Amazon reviewer Amanda Cervantes can attest. “I have a goal to stretch out my back this year and decided to use this to help me,” she writes. “After two kids and years of neglect, my lack of range of motion is causing undue back pain. I will say that this will get you in some positions you might fear you never get out of. Fear not. Go slow. You’ll find your way back to the ground in time. I also use this for so much more than just back stretches. In fact, this often takes place in 70% of my at home yoga sessions. My daughter, who is 7, loves using the medium size one while stretching beside me.”

$79.97 AT AMAZON

90 Degree By Reflex Disco Leggings

The chances of you going to a NYE party this year are probably pretty slim (though one can hope). You’ll likely hang out at home and watch the ball drop from the comfort of your couch—but that doesn’t mean you have to wear worn out sweats. Let these shiny pleather leggings be the bright star to kick off 2021.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel for Mat

Don’t be slippin’ and slidin’ during hot yoga with this uber absorbent yoga mat towel that stays put thanks to teeny nubby rubber grips that won’t budge. This Amazon reviewer backs us up. “I have been using this yoga towel for almost 2 months now,” she writes. “It performs as stated. I take regular yoga classes and hot yoga classes. I sweat a lot in the hot yoga classes and moderately in the regular yoga classes. I needed something that could absorb the sweat but not hinder my flow of movements and stability. I had purchased a cheaper, well-rated yoga towel but it slides and bunches up on the mat during my workouts. This yoga towel stays in place throughout my entire workout.” Bonus points for sustainability: each towel is made with at least four recycled plastic bottles.

$34.79 AT AMAZON

Komusō Shift necklace

Tackle anxiety with beauty. You can breathe into a paper bag to quell a panic attack, or you can be the stylish diva that you are and breathe into this sleek pendant to slow down your achy-racy heart. Inspired by the 17th century Japanese monks, this flute-like device is said to bring enlightenment. We’ll just take 2 minutes of peace, thank you very much.


Backbridge Adjustable Back Stretcher

A yoga teacher is as likely to sit in front of a computer as anyone else; or as a fishhook scrolling through their feed—all sure ways to compress the spine and pinch the nerves. (Don’t get us started on the slouchy shoulders courtesy of nursing!) Enter the counter pose that doesn’t require a full yoga routine. This little mound looks innocent, but even 2 minutes feels challenging as your spine opens up reviving those tight upper back muscles. According to its kinesiologist creator, it’s like Invisalign for your spine. “The Backbridge makes such a difference for me, and it take so little time each day,” writes Amazon reviewer K. Keeley.  “My spine becomes less compressed, my posture improves, and I breathe better. My whole body is happier when I use this device.” Strap it to the office chair for extra support in-between sessions.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Buddha Board Enso Water Drawing Board

Remember those zen sand gardens?  Consider water drawing an upgrade to your favorite procrastinating pastime. Not only is it mess-free, but you can use it to unleash your creative storm, or maybe just rant about your kids’ Zoom school. All those curse words will vanish soon enough. Better yet, hand it to your kids in lieu of an iPad as you sneak some alone time on the mat.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

UBeesize Selfie Stick and Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

No shame is broadcasting you’ve mastered the crane pose without diving nose first. Capture your #yogachallenge accomplishments with this extendable tripod stand (it extends up to 51 inches and rotates 360°), then not worry about capturing the action as you focus on your practice. “It’s almost like having your own personal assistant holding the phone for you to take your pictures,” writes Amazon reviewer David D.  Now, if we could also get this assistant to run a few errands…

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Say Namaste With These Incredible Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This little bag is one of the best yoga gifts because it packs more than you’d ever imagine. “This bag is perfect to throw your cards, cash, chapstick, sunscreen, masks, phone and more in!” writes one of over 1,000 5-star reviewers. “I was surprised at how much fit in here and have found to really appreciate the different pockets/sections. I love wearing it crossbody style! I feel like this can easily be dressed up or down depending on the color.” The nylon material is also water repellant and wipes clean in a jiffy.


Zen as F*ck Journal By Monica Sweeney

You’ve heard that journaling is good for the soul. While we won’t disagree, sitting down to write about 10 effin amazing things in your life while everyone runs around like a lunatic as you wrangle the notion of sanity can feel a bit a forced. Not with this hilarious little booklet that shines with more than 10,000 ratings. “I’m a therapist who wanted a tool to manage my personal stress,” writes Amazon Amazon reviewer Alyssa. “Yay! Self Care! I love this. It makes me laugh and makes me think. The novelty of this makes it a great gift but it’s got a lot of good tools in it. I almost hate to use it and destroy it because it’s also very beautiful.”


Isola Balanced Candle

This Balanced soy candle is an alternative to yelling “Serenity Now!” The intense fragrance of blue agave (to us it smells like a tropical waterfall) will lift you out of your daily fog. Oh wait, was this story about gifting? Yea, buy one for yourself, too.


Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow

Everybody knows that savasana is the best part of yoga, but these days we need something extra to block out the chaos. That’s where these satin-covered beauties come in. The welcome pressure over your eyes, combined with the lavender aroma released by the pillow makes you feel like you’re in a spa, not the makeshift studio in a corner of your bedroom. Don’t be surprised if Yoga Nidra becomes the highlight of your day.

$14.98 AT AMAZON

Shashi Non-slip Grip Socks

Is it a bit ironic to stuff a stockings with socks? Not if it’s these bedazzled beauties. The socks feel snug and the densely-packed anti-slip grip keeps you sturdy whether you’re in downward dog or trying to chase your own pup across the house. Just call us Twinkle Toes.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Asutra Yoga Mat Detox Yoga Organic Mat Cleaner

These days, sanitizing is as natural as saying namaste. Bring your own cleaning kit to keep your mat prim as prim. We love that the vibrant lavender essential oil and antibacterial tea tree oil do all the heavy lifting. It comes with your own microfiber cleaning towel—because, honestly, those rags at the studio have seen better days.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Popband London Hair Bands 5-pack

Few things mess up a good yoga vibe like unruly strands. That’s why every yogi covets reliable hair accessories. These quaint hair bands won’t leave annoying hair crinkles, or cut off circulation should you wear them on your wrist during back bends. “I have used elastic bands my entire life, and the damage to my hair is very noticeable!” writes Amazon reviewer Annie Brown.  “Every time I put these ties in my hair, I feel like I’m restoring my hair little by little! I’m in love with these hair ties, and I love telling my friends about them!”

$17.31 AT AMAZON

Teeccino Chicory Coffee Alternative – Almond Amaretto

Even if your yoga teacher isn’t trying to give up sugar and caffeine as a New Year’s resolution, trying chicory ‘coffee’ is a smart move. Not only does this decadent beverage taste rich akin to one’s favorite brew, it’s full of perks like probiotics and natural sweeteners like figs and dates. “This is amazing, I am not able to consume a lot of caffeine and with this I don’t miss it,” writes Amazon reviewer Yoli.  “It’s a great treat in the morning or for a soothing drink at night. Also, I don’t miss coffee or how dehydrated it made me feel! I just mix this with a little creamer and sometimes a little stevia and perfect!”

$27.49 AT AMAZON

Corkcicle 24-ounce Tumbler

Pair yummy gifts for yoga teachers (like the beverage above) with this triple-insulated tumbler keeps drinks warm for 3 hours. The satiny wood grain finish says holidays without obnoxious snowmen. Best part: its non-slip silicone bottom won’t topple over if left next to a yoga mat during class.

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater

Do not underestimate a good face spray. Do not underestimate a good face spray. Doubling up on this sentence is not a typo, especially because this Mario Badescu facial spray is beloved by more than 27,000 reviewers. Spritzing with rosewater works like a timeout from whatever might be bugging your yoga teachers. This is one of those gifts for yoga teachers that literally has one stop to smell the roses. Just one of the reasons to BOGO.

$14.00 AT AMAZON

The Good Sh*t by Todd Sinett

To commemorate this shitty year…a new book about actual shit to take your mind off the pandemic. This quirky health book is filled with fun, but useful facts like this one: bloating and gas can cause lower back pain because your stomach is putting too much pressure on the spine. Don’t be surprised if your yoga teacher might actually give a crap about this book.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

BXDOW Mandala Puzzle

‘Twas the year of the puzzle. Hence, nothing is more appropriate than a mandala puzzle as a gift for yoga lovers. Consider that making this 1,000-piece lovely might be equivalent to hours of meditation. Once complete hang it up as a reminder that life will continue to thrive. After all, the circular nature of the mandala designs emphasizes that everything in the universe is connected.

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub 100mg

Even seasoned yogis deal with aches and sore muscles. This aloe, arnica and CBD muscle cream is the ultimate salvation. The opaque cream goes on cool and penetrates deep into muscles, releasing a welcome heat.  One reviewer raves: “Two words: Life Changing. The instant relief and pleasure this product offers is out of this world.”


Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Embrace the restorative properties of sound healing with a useful gift for yoga teachers that creates a moment akin to a temporary retreat. Swirling the wooden striker along the handcrafted Nepalese brass bowl might sound like the Himalayan foothills, or maybe just allows one to block out the incessant news buzz. “The bowl sings easily and loudly, resonating for a good while after the friction stops,” writes Amazon reviewer Tachiyomi.

$24.97 AT AMAZON

Peshtemania Fringe Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket is one of those props that you don’t think is worth  investing in until you use it and realize it’s the ultimate yoga lovers gift. While this 100% cotton blanket is lighter than the dense Mexican blankets stacked at the studio, that’s one of its merits. Not only does it fit easily in a yoga bag, it is versatile to serve as padding and warm to lull one into savasana. The best part, the sleek black-and-white design is chic enough to grace the couch during a Netflix flow of Schitt’s Creek.

$19.88 AT AMAZON

Kombucha Revolution by Stephen Lee

It’s no secret, yogis have a thing for kombucha and that’s why this all-encompassing recipe book is a perfect gift for yoga lovers.  “What makes this book unique are all of the suggestions for what you can DO with kombucha once you have it,” writes Amazon reviewer Gossip Girl. I never would have thought to make dressings, marinades, cocktails, or even a body scrub with kombucha. So far, I’ve tried a few cocktails and sauces and they’ve come out really tasty.” Try the spiced ‘cider’ boucha—one of 75 recipes—and you may never lust after a pumpkin spice latte ever again.

$13.23 AT AMAZON

Keep calm and om on as you browse our awesome gift guides.

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