20 Matching Best Friend Necklaces 2021: Styles For Kids & Adults

20 Best Friend Necklaces For Besties Of All Ages (Yep, Even Adults)

May 25, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021

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Best friend necklaces will always be the best way to celebrate a friendship. Whether it’s something small or even a larger statement piece to share your BFF love with the world, best friend necklaces are a great way to feel appreciated. If you’re ever stumped for gift ideas that show your ride-or-die how much you care, get them one of these sweet charms, which is the perfect way to say “you’re the Ann to my Leslie” (or “you’re the Anna to my Elsa” if you guys are really into Disney characters).

Think you’re too old for necklaces like these? Think again. Sure, they may have been more popular back in middle school when stating your best friend was more of a “status,” but it’s always appropriate to acknowledge the people you love. Plus, they’re no longer just available at Claire’s. (To be fair, they’ll always be the top destination when it comes to fun mall jewelry.)

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If you’re looking for a good set of best friend necklaces to let your bestie know how you feel — or maybe your kiddo wants to share the love with their fave friend — here are some of the best, in every style imaginable. Because when it comes to your best friend, you don’t want to disappoint. Happen to have more than one best friend? Well, luckily jewelers are prepped for that possibility, as well; we found sets for groups of 3 and 4 friends, too.

Matching Best Friend Necklaces

DIANPEARL Store Best Friend Stone Necklaces

If you like simple jewelry, this may be your taste. While they don’t look identical, that doesn’t matter — your best friend will know what it means when it’s given. Amazon Reviewer Chloe R likes the fact that this necklace can be worn any day of the week, even at work. “They can be worn independently, but they obviously look so cute when you’re both wearing them,” she wrote. “I also love pairing mine with other necklaces for a layered look.”

$26.00 AT AMAZON

Sunflower Best Friend Necklaces From GiftsForFriendship

Are flowers more your BFF’s thing? Then this necklace is a lovely way to say “you’re special.” We like that you can customize them by getting letter charms of your initials (you can even wear each others’.) This BFF necklace style is also less obvious than traditional designs, in case your friend isn’t a fan of the typical “be/fri” and “st/ends” models.


Pinky Promise Necklaces From broquegirls

These are also very cute and don’t necessarily scream “best friends necklaces.” It’s a great way to showcase trust and loyalty. Plus, it’s a cute design altogether. If you and your best friend go way back and were friends since childhood, this set would be perfect.

$14.85 AT ETSY

Hundred River Friendship Good Luck Elephant

These tiny little elephants may bring both of you closer together. Elephants often symbolize loyalty, so they’re a meaningful charm for your matching friendship necklace. “The charms are tiny and beautifully detailed,” said Amazon Reviewer Lampus, who got the unicorn set that’s also offered (there are lots of other designs, too). “Shipping was lightning fast and they came in adorable kraft envelopes with a heart closure. This is an incredible buy!”


Hewill Dragon Wing Necklace for Women

If your BFF is the wind beneath your wings (or maybe you just watched Game of Thrones together), then this matching best friend’s necklace is was practically made for you. When joined together, the wings form a heart. When not together, they look like simple necklaces on their own. This pair comes with one silver and one black wing, and out of all the necklaces on this list, these may be the most whimsical.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Zealmer Dainty Infinity Friendship Charm

Sometimes, all you need is the infinity sign to show how much you’re devoted to your friend. If you truly think your friendship with last throughout your entire life, this is a sweet way to showcase your feelings. These necklaces are 16k gold plated — one white gold, one yellow gold.

$14.98 AT AMAZON

Best Friend Necklaces For 2

Personalized Necklace With Initials From JewelryFindings168

Etsy is one of the best places to look for best friend necklaces. That’s because a lot of independent jewelers have shops on the site and are willing to customize jewelry however you wish. These necklaces are a great choice since you can add an initial to make them even more personalized. That way, the recipient will know that you’re always thinking of them.

$8.99 AT ETSY

MJartoria "Weirdo 1 And Weirdo 2" Necklaces

Did the two of you bond because you’re both, well… kinda strange (but in an endearing way)? It happens. That’s why Ghost World was such a popular comic and film. If you and your bestie are a bit out there, these necklaces are for you.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Vinjewelry Unicorn BFF Heart Necklaces For Friends

These can be for kids or full-fledged adults. (Trust me, it’s not super strange to wear a kids’ necklace, especially if you happen to have children.) Unicorns are for everyone, and these soft colors may make you nostalgic for the past. Amazon reviewer Stefanie Welsh also approves of them as sweet mother/daughter necklaces. “My daughter wanted best friend necklaces for her birthday and as soon as she got them, she gave ME one,” she wrote. (Aww!) “These are so cute and we love the unicorns!”

$11.99 AT AMAZON

BFF Necklaces For 3

Jovivi Best Friends Forever and Ever Friendship Necklaces

Do you have a best friend trio? Then you’ll need a set of three necklaces. And quite frankly, these are pretty sweet for either kids or adults. These would also make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends (Or even better, Galentine’s Day, which is one of the best holidays of all.)


Crescent Moon Necklaces From JacAndElsie

Looking for a lovely piece of jewelry to share with friends? This set may fit the bill. They come in silver, gold, and rose gold, and you can get them as a set (one of each color) or buy them individually for $12 each.


$33.00 AT ETSY

Compass Friendship Necklaces For Three By FriendLoveGifts

Friends help you figure things out and get your life on course. What better way to honor that than with a compass design? These can be personalized even more by adding an initial on top. You can choose your own, or maybe the three of you have a private joke you can reference with the initial to add a bit of fun.

$33.52 AT ETSY

Godyce Puzzle Necklace

One of the best parts about these puzzle piece friendship necklaces is that Amazon sells them in plenty of different arrangements. So whether you have 3 friends in your group or 9 (or anything in between), this necklace set will work. It’s simple, charming, and symbolic: Best friends fit together as easily as puzzle pieces.


RUIZHEN Cartoon Best Friends Forever Donut Necklaces

You might be tempted to stop at Dunkin’ after buying these necklaces, but that’s a decision that I personally think should happen, anyway. (And Ben Affleck probably agrees as well.) Very cute and cartoony, these are great for kids or adults who still have a sense of whimsy.


BFF Necklaces For 4

4 Best Friend Triangle Necklace By JewelryRB

Looking to spend a little more for your foursome? These beautiful and clever necklaces come in sterling silver, but you can also purchase them in rose gold for a little extra money. These are quite meaningful and are bound to catch a ton of compliments while you and your crew wear them out. But even if you’re alone, it’s tough to tell that they’re best friends necklaces, meaning that they can be worn anywhere — even to work.

$129.40 AT ETSY

Glimkis Best Friends Forever and Ever BFF Necklaces

With a cute set like this, you and your three besties can all choose a different color to wear proudly. Amazon Reviewer Val07 is especially keen on her purchase of these necklaces, stating “Bought this for my daughter and her friends and they LOVE them! They’re good quality considering how inexpensive they were! Would definitely recommend! They make super cute and thoughtful Christmas gifts.” It’s never too late to think about the winter holidays, after all.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Custom4U Friendship Necklaces

Looking for something that was seemingly made for you? Well, good news: This set on Amazon can be customized to include your names. If hearts aren’t your thing, these also come in a fun and quirky rhombus shape.

$18.79 AT AMAZON

Best Friend Necklaces For Adults

Alex & Ani "Always Close To My Heart" Necklace

This sweet pair of charms is from Alex & Ani’s “Because I Love You” collection. Perfect for the friend you view as your true soulmate, you can each get a necklace to signify your bond. This classy design comes in two finishes: shiny antique silver and  shiny antique gold.

$49.00 AT ALEX & ANI

Zales Matching Diamond Best Friend Necklaces

Sure, all best friend necklaces are also for adults. But if you’re looking for something a bit higher-end, it’s hard to say no to this gorgeous set of necklaces from Zales. This sterling silver set accented with diamond chips is a great way to tell a friend that they truly mean a lot to you. Now, for the hard part: Deciding who gets the blingier half.


Zales Best Friends or Sisters Broken Heart Pendants

It’s possible your sister is your best friend, which will make these adult friendship pendants even sweeter. These are available in sterling silver, white, rose, or yellow gold, and each pendant can be personalized, adding even more meaning to the gift. Note that these are pendants only (no chain), but that means they can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or added to your BFF’s favorite charm piece.


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