These Bike Trailers For Kids Let You Cart Your Littles All Around Town

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Bike trailers for kids are a must-have for active parents who are on the go. After all, you know what’s way easier than carrying your kid around? Putting them in a bicycle trailer and pulling them around behind you while you ride. Outfitting your wheels with a bike attachment for kids is an awesome way for you and your little ones to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and get things done. With one of these bike trailers, you can leave the car in the garage and instead head out on your bike. Rather than worry about putting your child on a bike of their own, you can strap them into a bike carrier for kids that lets them chill out while you do all the hard work. Yes, this will be a workout for you. Yes, we think it’s a good idea.

As a professional cycling and endurance coach and father of two, Garret Seacat, Head Coach of Absolute Endurance, has expert insight into what parents should look for when shopping for bike trailers for kids.

“Things you should look for is larger wheels for the trailer, the larger the wheels the easier and smoother they will ride,” Seacat says. “This will result in an easier pull and a smoother ride for your kids. A win-win situation for sure!”

Seacat also recommends giving the trailer a good tug and shake to see how sturdy it actually is. “Remember, your kids will be in this at fairly fast speeds and you want something solid for them to be inside!” he adds.

At what age can kids go in bike trailers?

Kids are safe to ride in bike trailers once they’re able to support themselves (especially their heads) on their own. This usually happened between 12 and 18 months. After that, your family is good to go! As every child is different, make sure that your little one does well in the bike trailer before any lengthy bike rides by going on very short stints first (around the block, to the park up the street, etc.)

Are bike trailers worth it?

While bike trailers will inevitably make your bike ride a little harder with the extra weight, we think it’s totally worth it to have your little one along for the ride! When they aren’t ready for a long ride on their own bikes, or if you need some extra room to hold their things, bike trailers are very beneficial for families. Hence, worth it, Mama!

“If you have never ridden your bike with a trailer full of kids you are missing out. Kids love the increased speed compared to a walk and you can complete a workout at the same time!” Seacat agreed. “It truly can be one of the most fun purchases you make to get the entire family out the door. Both parents can ride bikes and the kids get a fun ride!”

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and up your biking game, check out these bike trailers for kids ahead.

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