Ditch Tradition And Go Full Goth This Year With A Chic Black Christmas Tree

by Madison Vanderberg
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Amazon/Best Choice Products

Go goth this year and buy one of these black Christmas trees on Amazon

Christmas trees are getting a makeover. Sunflower Christmas trees decked out in the summer flower are trending on social media, there’s a beautiful, and super extra, rainbow Christmas tree on Amazon you could buy, or you can say “screw it” and roll out an all-black Christmas tree this year.

Like the little black dress, the color black is timeless, so it’s about time we started decorating all-black Christmas trees. This gothic trend would also make for a great Halloween tree, because yes, Halloween trees are very much a thing now.

A six-foot artificial black tree is being sold online by Best Choice Products via Amazon for $89.99 (shoutout to for the find) and if you have Amazon prime, that beauty will arrive by Tuesday, just in time for Halloween. LUCKYERMORE is also selling a seven-foot-tall tree on Amazon for only $49.99, though it’s not as full as the Best Choice Products tree. There’s also a four-and-a-half foot gray Christmas tree for $55.37 from the National Tree Company if you aren’t quite ready to go full goth for Christmas yet.

Amazon/Best Choice Products

With a gothic tree, you can put that bad boy up next week and keep it there until New Years Day. Throw some skulls on it now for spooky season, swap them out for fall leaves come Thanksgiving, and by Christmas, you can just accessorize with silver and gold tinsel and bam — you got yourself an all-purpose holiday season tree.

Amazon/Best Choice Products

If you still aren’t convinced, let these beautiful black Christmas tree inspo pics convince you.

Imagine your in-laws coming over for Christmas and they’re like, “is this a…jet black Christmas tree?” It sure is Sandra.

A black tree is great for both Halloween and Christmas. It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas, but a tree.

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