Best Rolling Book Carts, Trucks, and Trolleys For A Mini Home Library

10 Book Carts That Will Make Your Book Hoarding Super Cute And Organized

July 2, 2021 Updated July 21, 2021

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Your inner librarian needs a book cart, and we’ve probably located the book cart of your dreams.

What is it about books on wheels? Why do we find them so romantic, charming and enviable? It probably stems from our youthful days at the library, watching the librarians roll up and down the aisles with their brown wooden and metal carts overflowing with stories and information. Not to mention: a cart of books perfectly holds a good TBR (to-be-read) collection, it can be moved around your house as needed, and it fits in the just a few square feet of room. They also add interest to a room that’s already got a few bookcases (we know you and we see you) Other pros? There are now way more affordable options than the original wooden and metal models, and they’re more stylist and colorful, too—some of our favorites come in, gold, white, pink, and robin’s egg blue.

Below, find our favorite picks, from super affordable plastic options to a few super heavy-duty traditional pieces that will bring you right back to the stacks of your youth. We’ve broken them into three categories for easy browsing: metal, wood, and plastic.

Best Metal Rolling Book Carts

CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Book Cart

This is one of the most popular choices for book enthusiasts who want to create a funky personal mobile library. It comes in five different colors (the white is classic, but we love the Tiffany blue that’s pictured) and is completely reasonably priced, especially for a study metal piece of furniture. We also love that it’s not as huge or heavy as some of the other options—plus assembly only takes about 10 minutes according to reviewers.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Metal Mesh Rolling Cart Storage Organizer with Utility Handle and Wheels

This one has a handle that makes pushing easier—and it comes in hot pink. Each shelf can hold 20 pounds for a total weight of 80 pounds. It also has two lockable wheels so your books won’t roll away (unless you want them to). Decor tip: use the top basket for plants and roll it up to a window.

$36.69 AT AMAZON

SAYZH 4 Tier Rolling Cart Metal Storage Organizer

This pick stands out from the other metal book cart choices because it offers an extra basket and stands at just over 40 inches. It doesn’t have a cart handle and would likely be a little more precarious to move if it was totally stuffed with books at every level, but reviewers consistently describe it as sturdy and high volume. Several pictures show it being used as a night stand and we love the concept!

$35.36 AT AMAZON

BestEquip Book Cart

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, real-deal book cart, this one might fit the bill. It has a 200-pound capacity, for the very biggest book nerds, and W-shaped, double-sided shelving that allows you to pack in twice as many books. We love, though, that even though it’s industrial, it still comes in fun colors like bright blue and bright red and has an updated design. The price tag is bigger, but this thing is a tank—and it’s rust-resistant. It will last longer than you and your books.

$329.99 AT AMAZON

Safco Products Single-Sided Book Cart

This is it: the original library cart that we lusted over when we were young. This is solid, chip- and scratch-resistant steel and it has locking, work-horse wheels that makes it way more than just a cute display. Unlike our other larger pick, this one only has shelving on one side, so you can display all of your books at once. And yes, it’s beige—the color of authenticity. Perfect if you actually need a reshelving cart for reshelving, or if you want to fully recreate the library feel in your house.

$335.81 AT AMAZON

Foldable Cart with Wheels 3 Tier Rolling Cart

We love this one for anyone who really wants a book cart, but who might live in a smaller space like an apartment. Since it’s foldable, you can put it away when it’s not in use and take it out when you’re suffering from book overflow. We also love the color options—in addition to classic black and white it comes in baby blue and baby pink. And don’t worry: it comes fully assembled so you don’t have to figure out all of its moving parts.

$57.99 AT AMAZON

VECELO 3 Tier Utility Cart Wire Shelving Unit

We realize that for some, having wheels on your cart display isn’t ideal. For that crowd, we recommend this little beauty, which is extremely cute and affordable, and which has many of the features of the other carts without the ability to roll away. We love the gold color and its lines.

$46.27 AT AMAZON

Best Wooden Rolling Book Carts

FixtureDisplays Wood Book Cart Library Cart

Made from laminated maple particleboard, this super cute book cart option is great for anyone who is looking for a more natural, less industrial look for their rolling library. We love the rounded edges and rounded handles—it’s all around a softer, nicer look than many of the metal and plastic options. It’s also more affordable than many of the heavy-duty steel picks. At the same time, though, the reviews consistently tout that the shelving is well made, study, and durable.

$141.02 AT AMAZON


Here’s another wood option for those looking—we love how the wood (well, it’s technically particleboard, but still at that price it looks great) looks modern and warm with the black metal. The low sides make it a little difficult to roll around while filled with books, because it’s technically a “servicing cart,” but when it’s stationary, you can display more of your books’ spines without obstruction.

$65.99 AT AMAZON

Best Plastic Rolling Book Carts

Ronlap 3 Tier Classic Storage Rolling Cart

If you’re on a budget but still want to be able to roll around your books, this is the book cart for you. At just around $20 it’s a steal, but you still get the functionality and looks of the more expensive options. And just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have features—just like some of the metal picks, it has three tiers, 360-degree wheels, and bright, clean colors.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Babyletto Presto Acrylic Bookcase and Cart

How cute is this? This solid acrylic see-through book cart has a modern, clean design that puts your books front and center. At just 2 feet high and 2 feet long, it’s also more compact than a lot of the other options, perfect for someone looking for a small display or someone looking to store books and toys for a baby’s nursery or kid’s room. The first shelf is tilted like a traditional book cart, while the bottom shelf is flat and can be used to store even more books or just about anything else.

$299.00 AT AMAZON


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