10 Best Bow And Arrow Sets For Kids To Channel Their Inner Katniss 2021

Toy Bow And Arrow Sets For Your Kid To Channel Their Inner Katniss

December 17, 2020 Updated June 28, 2021

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Thanks to movie and video game characters such as Katniss Everdeen, Princess Merida, and Laura Croft, kids’ bow and arrow sets have become popular among young adventurers across the nation. While a bow and arrow set may seem like an outlandish gift option, you may want to give archery a chance. With technology taking up nearly every second of our day, it’s pretty difficult to get the kids to play outside. By gifting your child a kids’ archery set, however, you could potentially open the door to a brand-new hobby while also providing them with a survival skill. 

Whether you’re new to archery or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve done the research to make your shopping decision even easier. Here are 10 of the best bow and arrow sets for children and teens on the market.

Best Archery Sets for Kids

SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Toy Set

The SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Light-Up Archery Set is available in green or pink and comes with five durable, suction-cup arrows (these arrows have been tested to meet US ASTM Toy Safety Standards), an illuminating bow, and an eye-harmless sighting device to help your little one aim and hit their target. It also comes with its own special carrying case, so your adventurer can tote their archery set wherever they go. This set requires three AAA batteries (not included). 

“I ordered this for my daughter who is really into archery and wants to have something she can use in the house during the cold weather for practice,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “This is a pretty great toy for achieving that. It’s safe enough that she can use it in her room and I don’t have to worry about her breaking everything; it’s more realistic than other toys.”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set

Designed for archers eight years old or older, the Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set is the perfect alternative to the traditional bow and arrow. This lightweight bow and arrow set is easy to use and includes one bow, and six durable foam-tipped arrows. It also has the ability to send your arrows flying up to 100 feet and comes in three fluorescent colors. 

“My 10-year-old son loves this bow and now we are thinking of buying a second one for our 7-year-old son who loves it, too,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It shoots really far and was simple to put together. We like that it’s safer than a traditional bow and arrow and easier for a child to use.”

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy Set — 2 Pack

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, you might want to invest in a two-pack set like this Kids Bow and Arrow Toy Set by Fstop Labs. Available in three colors, this bow and arrow set comes with everything your young archer needs to get started, including two archery bow and arrow toys equipped with LED flashing lights and sounds, six suction-cup arrows, two quivers, and two targets. This set requires two Pcs AA batteries (not included). 

“My littles have so much fun with this toy, the quality is pretty good and it has a nice suction, it sticks well on glass and the on the target, plus my daughter loves that it lights up,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Personally I’m really happy with the fact that it comes with two, one for my girl and one for my boy, even my husband enjoys this toy!”

$36.99 AT AMAZON

Toy Archery Set with Target

This archery set is recommended for children between the ages of five and nine (though children as old as 12 can play with this toy). Unlike the other options on this list, this set includes a stand-up target. It also comes with three suction-cup arrows and is safe to play with both inside and outside of the home. 

“The sporting stores do not carry anything like this, so we turned to Amazon!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “We purchased two of these over the summer for our four and five-year-old! We had it set up at a birthday party and every kid played with it. I just ordered two more for my nephews for Christmas after seeing how much they enjoyed it. We had kids as old as 10 playing with this set, and enjoying it!”


$26.89 AT AMAZON

KESHES Bow and Arrows Set With Equipment for Teens and Kids

If you’re serious about getting your child into archery, then this is the best bow and arrow for your kid. It comes with everything they’ll need to start including an ambidextrous riser, two limbs, one bowstring, five arrows, one finger protector, arm guard, eyesight, quiver, and two target sheets. It’s also easy to assemble, so your young archer can begin immediately. Though parents are recommended to help with assembly. 

“Exactly as described,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “Very fast shipping. We believe this will be perfect for our 10-year-old daughter for Christmas.”

$36.99 AT ETSY

Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids

Sport Series Archery Shooting Set Bow and Arrow Toy

Compared to the other bow and arrow sets on this list, this archery shooting set is a little more advanced. Equipped with 12 suction-cup arrows, one bow, one quiver, one holster, and one target, this lightweight set is ideal for young beginners. 

I ordered this initially because of COVID-19 and being stuck in the house,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “As an adult, I do enjoy toys and this one was awesome. I shared it with my three-year-old grandniece and she loved it. We had a great time in the park. It was a nice opportunity to teach her how to use it with fun in mind. She felt like Robin Hood once I put the arrow holder on her back. Too cute!”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Zing Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

This easy-to-use bow works great for both left- and right-handed archers. The Z-TEK bow and arrow kit includes one bow and three foam-tip arrows that can glide as far as 155 feet. Because the arrows are lightweight, they’re safe to use inside the home, too. 

“This bow and arrow set is so fun to play with and is easy enough for my five-year-old to use,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The arrows go a long distance so playing at the park or beach is really fun. My wife and I both enjoy playing with this for hours with the kids. Fun for the whole family!”


Disney Rapunzel Bow and Arrow Set

If your little one is a fan of Disney’s Rapunzel from Tangled, then this is the archery set for them. This archery kit comes with one bow, three suction-cup arrows, and a belted quiver. (If you really want to go all out, you can purchase a Rapunzel wig, as well.) 

$52.24 AT AMAZON

Personalized Bow and Arrow Toy for Kids

This gift isn’t exactly a set, but it can be personalized. Made from high-strength plywood, this bow and arrow can be customized to fit the personality of your little bowboy or bowgirl. You can choose the size, have the bow engraved, and add a quiver and additional arrows. The arrows are made of felt and the bow is available in two sizes: Small 14 inches (for children two-to-four years old) and Large 20 inches (for children four years or older). 

“This was a great gift for my son’s third birthday,” writes one Etsy reviewer. “He loves pretending he is in the movie Brave. Easy and effective design and beautifully made.”


Children’s Bamboo and Wood Bow and Arrows Set

This bamboo bow and arrow set can shoot an arrow as far as 40 feet. It comes with three rubber-tip arrows and one wood quiver. According to the Etsy listing, the bow measures 40 ½ inches in length, and the quiver measures 21 inches in length including the arrows.

“This bow is great!,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “My nine-year-old son has used it every single day since he got it and he’s very happy with it. I definitely recommend this!”


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