The Best Breast Pumps, So You Can Pump Worry-Free — And In Some Cases, Hands-Free Too

by Ana Connery
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best breast pumps
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Like finding a comfy pair of maternity leggings or a labor and delivery gown you’ll want to wear long after you leave the hospital, finding the best breast pump for you may take some digging. But when you find the right one, it’s like meeting your first child for the first time. You want to hug it tight and never let go (well, maybe not that tight, especially if you’re already dealing with swollen breasts and nipples— ouch!)

What’s right for one mom isn’t always right for another, so this is one category where it’s good to ask friends for recs and read recent reviews. Breast pumps are pricey registry items, but keep in mind that most insurance companies will cover the cost of breast pumps, freeing you to invest in other must-have baby gear. That said, when no one’s around and you find yourself so tired you’re googling “breast pimp” instead of “breast pump,” we’ve got you covered with the following 8 breast pumps. From the best breast pumps for going back to work to the best for on-the-go-pumping, here are some of the breast pumps that will let you do your thing worry-free (and sometimes, hands-free, too!)

Best For Speedy & Efficient Pumping Sessions:

Best Portable Breast Pump:

Best For Going Back To Work Away From Home:

Best For Pumping In Style On The Go:

Best Budget Double-Electric Breast Pump:

Best For A Comfy, Custom Fit:

Best Manual Breast Pump:

Best Value For The Money:

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