Cute, Cool & Creepy Bug Toys To Keep Your Kids From "Bugging" You With The Real Thing

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best bug toys

Bug toys — and in particular, moving bug toys — are the best compromise for satisfying a young insect enthusiast’s interest when you don’t want them playing with the real thing. If you have a kid who can’t stop talking about bugs, can’t stop touching bugs, and/or can’t stop bringing bugs into your home (bleh), consider this a support group. We see you. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to prefer that real-life insects stay outside, and even then you stock up on various forms of insect repellents. But unfortunately, your budding entomologist probably has other plans. (And you thought the Baby Shark phase was annoying …)

Plastic bug toys may not be as squirmy and slimy as real insects (or as pretty… shout out to those colorful butterflies), but they do offer loads of fun and can still scare the shit out of you if placed the exact right (wrong) location—but you don’t need to tell your kids that. So, we rounded up the best bug toys the internet has to offer so you can help your child explore their love of insects, from alarmingly real-looking bug toys to ones that move to real-life insect habitats.

Maybe your child’s interest in insects is a phase, maybe it’ll be a life-long hobby, or maybe your little love bug will actually become an entomologist. Either way, have fun browsing through our list of bug toys that you’ll likely have no interest in buying but will do it anyway for your kid because that’s just the kind of kick-ass parent you are. And by the way: We’ll keep your little secret about how the “fairy mist” you spritz on them before going out to play is actually bug spray.

Best Bug Toys

Best Moving Bug Toys


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