Make Mini Bunny Waffles With This Adorable $16 Waffle Maker

by Gina Vaynshteyn
bunny waffle maker

We’re mere weeks away from spring, which means it’s officially time to brighten up your life. Buy some tulips for your living room, start browsing all the spring dresses online, and…make some bunny-shaped waffles with Dash’s mini bunny waffle maker (which comes in a pretty mint color). Just because you can, and everyone (especially the kids) will be all about it. We’ve written about Dash’s mini waffle makers before (they have a pumpkin-shaped waffle maker as well as a spooky skull-shaped waffle maker) and we’re huge fans because they’re so easy to use and also easy to tuck away due to their size.

And don’t be fooled by its size. Dash’s waffle maker heats up in a couple minutes and the non-stick surfaces make for evenly-cooked waffles every single time. Plus, you can make other meals like hash browns, paninis, and biscuit pizza. We haven’t tried it, but we bet you can use brownie batter to make bunny-shaped brownie treats.

Obviously, these bunny waffles would be perfect for Easter, but you can serve ’em up any time.