This "Magic Elixir" Is My Skincare Must-Have Now That I'm Over 40

Katie Bingham-Smith/Scary Mommy

I’m sure I can safely say we all want some magic elixir that will tighten, firm, and awaken our skin. The good news is, I’ve found it. Caire Beauty has a dynamic duo of ultra-luxe skincare products designed specifically for women aged 40 and up, and I’m officially hooked.

The Defiance Science Glowmaker Duo includes the Lift Molecule Mask, which goes on clear and feels nice and cool on clean skin, and I could feel it working immediately. Pro tip: I love slathering it on my neck, too, and FYI, you only need to use a tiny amount twice a week).

Katie Bingham-Smith/Scary Mommy

The first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe how wonderful my 46-year-old skin felt and looked. My face felt firmer and I noticed my crow’s feet and my neck looked smoother, too.

Katie Bingham-Smith/Scary Mommy

But that was just the first time. After two weeks, there’s an even more noticeable difference.

The Theorem Serum Boost (which is thicker than any serum I’ve tried) really had me feeling amazing. The reason? Caire has the tiniest hyaluronic acid complex in the world. It goes deeper into the skin, hitting all the layers, so your skin feels wonderfully plump and hydrated. This is applied morning and night to keep your skin glowy 24/7.

These two products are formulated specifically for women in their 40s. And, why is that important? Your skin starts to sag as your hormones decrease the more you mature. So for women like me — perimenopausal and in their mid-40s — the Caire Beauty Duo is a total lifesaver. However, I have to say these products are so amazing, I recommend them to anyone. In fact, I would have started using Caire products in my 20s if they’d been available. Oh, if only I knew then what I know now.

Katie Bingham-Smith/Scary Mommy

And the reviews speak for themselves. “I love Caire’s Defiance Science Duo!” raves one buyer. “The mask and serum have been a skincare game-changer in reversing the effect of hormonal shifts on my skin. My face looks visibly firmer and hydrated. What started as a trial is now vital. I’m now a subscriber.”

Another calls it a magic potion saying, “I can’t say enough about this Serum. It feels like velvet going on and makes my skin glow. I just saw my best friend who I haven’t seen in months. One of the first things she said was how great my skin looked! I told her it’s this magic in a bottle from Caire Beauty. This is a game-changer and a must-have for women over 40! You must try this!”

Caire Beauty products work for all skin tones and their products are made with all natural ingredients that are “plant, tree, and sea derived only … and won’t ever use phthalates, parabens, polyvinyls, polyethylenes, palmitates or the like.” The brand is even backed by chef and beloved TV personality Carla Hall, and really, can you get a better seal of approval than that?

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All that said, I may not have found the actual fountain of youth, I think I found the serum (and mask) of youth packaged in a bottle.