Hours Of Fun (And No Clean Up For You) With These Best Chalkboards And Dry Erase Boards

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Disney Frozen Kids Chalkboard

There are so, so many things out there to make us parents feel guilty. Watching our kids get sucked into screen time is one of those things. Using screen time so you can have “me” time is worth double the guilt.

One thing you’ll never feel bad about is giving into arts and crafts time. Art projects spark your child’s creative side (and maybe your creative side) and allow you to spend quality time together. These projects are great … until the kid grabs the paint, the scissors, or one of the brightly colored markers when you aren’t looking and destroys your newly painted walls.

When you want an art project that keeps them busy but is much easier to clean, try one of our best chalkboards for kids. Whether you choose a chalkboard easel, a wall mounted chalkboard, or another format, kids can draw over and over and over with minimal mess. Some chalk is dusty, but it’s pretty easy to clean compared to some other art supplies (said markers).

And when art time is over, the kids chalk board just gets erased, so you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out paper artwork. (They know these are not keepers going into it, so no guilt here!)

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