Compost Beginner? These Are The Best Compost Tumblers For An Eco-Friendly Home

by Steph Osmanski
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Compost tumblers aren’t exactly sexy. In fact, most environmental issues aren’t. But with global warming and climate change, it’s important to be as not-harmful to the environment as possible (at Scary Mommy, we’re super on board with this, and have awesome clean product roundups if you’re just starting out, like this eco-friendly laundry detergent list, natural cleaning products, and our pro-environment gift guide). Lately, more eco-conscious parents are warming up to the idea of composting — the natural process of turning decaying organic material into a fertilizer or soil. If you’re not sure which compost tumblers are the best to use, read on.

What is compost?

Compost is decomposed organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow! It really is a full-circle system. If you grow or purchase organic fruits and vegetables and compost them after use, they’ll most likely become a part of new soil to grow new organic material. Composting helps keep unnecessary items out of landfills too, which decreases the amount of greenhouse gas in the air. This is a GREAT thing because greenhouse gases can cause (or in our case, add to) climate change.

How to compost at home

To compost, take your food scraps from cooking and instead of throwing them in the trash (because they will not biodegrade at a landfill due to a lack of oxygen), throw them into the compost. Over time, this pile of natural, organic matter — fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, moldy bread, etc. — will become soil.

But if you want to speed up the composting process a bit, then a compost tumbler could really come in handy. Most compost tumblers require you to turn the compost over to turn it into soil quicker. It’s not hard — in fact, composting is one of the easiest and most helpful things you can do for the planet — and yet, some people find it intimidating.

If you’re thinking of becoming that bada** family that composts, check out our top 8 picks for the most efficient compost tumblers!

Best Compost Tumblers

Small Compost Tumblers

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