The Best Desk Mats: Because Even If You’re Not Exactly Stylish While You WFH, Your Desk Will Be

by Kate Antoniades
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Desk mats may not be something you’ve given a lot of thought to, but they’re a smart buy—they can protect your desk from spills and scratches and/or hide the stains and scratches from BEFORE you had a desk mat. When you’ve got kids, an extra layer of protection is good to have on all sorts of surfaces! (I’ve almost forgotten what our dining room table looks like, as it’s been covered by a tablecloth for more than a decade…) With tons of options for colors and designs—from sophisticated to fun—desk mats are easy to coordinate with any desk organizers or home office essentials you’re using as you work from home.

Whether you keep your workspace pristine or you have messy piles of paper everywhere (hey, no judgment here!), a desk mat can make your desk look nicer, and maybe even brighten your day a little bit. And if you’re still using that ugly mousepad that you got for free at a conference years ago, you can ditch that and use the smooth surface of your new desk pad instead. (In a pinch, it can even stand in as a yoga mat for your kids’ stuffed animals. Maybe that’ll keep them busy while you’re trying to work. #OneCanDream)

Best Desk Mats

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