These Easy-To-Clean High Chairs Can Withstand Major Messes

by Kate Antoniades
Regalo High Chair

Babies typically end up with more food on themselves — and on everything else nearby — than in their mouths, so easy-to-clean high chairs are essential. Whether you’re more likely to give your little one a baby food pouch or make your own baby food (hey, no judgment here!), and whether you rely on purees or follow baby-led weaning, your kid will make a mess … every single day. Their high chair will bear the brunt of it, collecting all sorts of crumbs, plus drips of gooey, sticky foods, and it can be hard to keep up with cleaning before things get gross.

It’s definitely easier to keep some high chairs cleaner than others due to their design and materials, since some high chair models have nooks and crannies that seemingly act like magnets for stray food. In terms of washability, some high chair seat covers and straps are easily removable, while others are tough or impossible to take off; some trays on certain high chairs are dishwasher-safe (you’re already running the washer all the time, right?),

In addition to wiping down the high chair after every meal (or as close to that as possible!), try to do regular, thorough cleanings before things get out of control, i.e., kinda nasty (or, you know, delegate the job to your partner). Helpful products for cleaning a high chair include an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, or a bleach mixture. (Read the brand’s high chair manual first for recommendations for you specific model)

While baby and toddler mealtime messes are inevitable, these easy-to-clean high chairs will make cleanup less of a hassle.

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