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Tia Mowry’s Home Decor Line On Etsy Is Swoon-Worthy (And Budget-Friendly)

August 5, 2020 Updated February 19, 2021


Our favorite ’90s sitcom star, Tia Mowry of Sister, Sister has launched a new home decor line, Tia Mowry x Etsy collection and we want it all NOW! We’ve loved her sense of style for decades, so it’s no wonder that we’re majorly obsessed and inspired by her limited edition black and white patterned Etsy home decor ideas. Over the past 20 years (yes it’s really been that long!) Mowry has managed to blend her life on and off the small screen, venturing into the home arena with her Cooking Channel show, Tia Mowry at Home and even becoming an author. (Her YA books series Twintuition is written with sister Tamara.)

The Tia Mowry x Etsy Collection will give you Etsy home decor ideas.

With so much going on in her life, it makes complete sense that Mowry would want her home to be one of peace and tranquility. Each of her twenty co-designed items play off of a neutral color palette to add a pop of pattern giving texture to the room all at budget-friendly pricing (ranges from $22 to $166!). The Tia Mowry x Etsy collection provides cute storage options, serene decor, and serving ware classics we will use again and again.

Mowry said to Etsy, “My home is the place where I can unwind and make incredible memories with my loved ones—and I hope the items in this collection allow others to tap into that same sense of calm in their own homes and lives.” We’ve chose to highlight our favs from her collection, and then added a few other complementary pieces from Amazon to keep the chill vibes flowing throughout the whole house.

Tia Mowry x Etsy Ottoman Tray

The black and white geometric pattern on this Ottoman Tray is evidence of a natural collaboration between Nova Scotia -based Keephouse Studio and Tia Mowry. Keephouse describes their aesthetic as, “The simple beauty and geometry in the shore’s landscape combine with my modern sensibilities. The result is Coastal inspiration– re-imagined.” This mirrors Mowry’s design vision according to Etsy of “a neutral color palette and a healthy dose of feng shui to cultivate tranquility.” 

The outcome of this meeting of the minds is this solid maple serving tray with a black and white hand screen printed surface design. Both cute and functional, the matte finish on this tray is food safe and water resistant. Also available from this shop collaboration in the Tia Mowry x Etsy collection is this chic graphic tea towel. The bold prints of both the tray and towel compliment each other and are seriously making us reimagine our kitchen decor.

$105 AT ETSY

Tia Mowry x Etsy exclusive capsule collection - Jug of Crocus Giclee Print

We love the bold inky design of this Jug Of Crocus Print from Mowry’s collaboration with the Etsy shop designer and UK based print designer, Dee Beagle. Available in two sizes (don’t let the terms A3 & A4 scare you – they really do fit standard frame sizes), this print is sure to make a statement in any living room (or dining room or kitchen – you get the idea). Based off of an original drawing, Jug Of Crocus is digitally printed on heavyweight matte paper, making a bold, yet simplistic statement on any wall paint color.

Each of the 429 reviewers have given Beagle’s shop 5 stars, which we’re sure is one of the many reasons Mowry chose this shop for a collaboration. One reviewer even complimented both the quality of the product and shipping. “Beautiful print, lovely colours, and good quality, thick print paper. Fast shipping, even in difficult circumstances. Thank you very much!” We say that’s win- win!


Tia Mowry x Etsy, Geo Tassel Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover with Brass Zipper

Chloe & Olive’s Etsy shop nailed this monochromatic luxury pillow collaboration. “This exclusive geometric pattern pillow cover co-designed with Tia Mowry x Etsy Collection is adorned with four flirty white tassels and an exposed brass zipper on the cover bottom that gives major zen vibes.” Couldn’t everyone use a little more zen in their living space these days? The neutral color palette works with any sofa, adding just a little bit of texture mixed with fun design details.

We’ve all been turning our homes into our own oases all spring, throw pillows are one of the finishing touches that truly brighten up a space and give it that “finished” look. (We know the kids are going to toss them on the floor three seconds after you’ve fluffed them!) We’re just imaging the zen “ahhhhh” as we collapse back on this lumbar pillow with a glass of wine after bedtime.


LIFVER Ceramic Drink Coasters

Mowry included ceramic coasters in her collection, which is simply genius. LIFVER Ceramic Drink Coasters absorb the condensation build up on cups, which means our wood tables stay clean and dry. Our favorite feature is the intentionally designed cork bottom for preventing damage to the table surface, because can’t you just see our kids trying to turn the coffee table into an air hockey table with coasters? The cork also creates heat absorption so hot coffee mugs won’t damage the table either.

The minimalist, yet geometric pattern of these coasters will add a little pop to any living space even if drinks are completely off limits on the couch! One reviewer noted, “These are very beautiful and they fit right in with my contemporary decor. They are definitely absorbent and they keep the drinks from dripping when lifting the glasses. So my tables are being 100% protected by coasters that look beautiful and far more expensive than they are.”

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Casafina Fattoria Collection Stoneware Ceramic Pitcher

To counterbalance Mowry’s minimalist prints are a selection of white ceramic classics like this Casafina Stoneware Ceramic Pitcher. On a hot summer’s day there is nothing more effortlessly beautiful than putting out a pitcher of lemonade on the kitchen counter. (This vision ends the minute our kids come tearing in hot, sweaty, and hungry.) The classic farmhouse styling of this pitcher will last decades to come. Started in 1981, Casafina is based on the idea of sustainable, high quality products crafted in Portugal with details like mouth-blown glass and hand painting.

Part of the Fattoria collection, this pitcher is just one piece of many that could be added to the kitchen. The collection includes a variety of cooking and serveware pieces such as baking dishes, mixing bowls, and canisters. All products are microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and food safe, (aka whatever our kiddos do to it, it will be just fine!).

$65.00 AT AMAZON

INDRESSME Cotton Rope Basket

Cute storage that can manage a few bumps and knocks, but also looks effortless and clean is a tall order. We love INDRESSME’s cotton rope basket for piling up extra blankets, toys, or whatever odds and ends we have lying around. This is the perfect decor for every room from the living room to the nursery, providing both style and functionality. The 100% cotton rope is chemical free (which is why we love it for the nursery) but also means it’s machine washable. How many home decor items can you simply throw in the wash when it needs a refresh? Not many!

It’s no surprise to us that INDRESSME has racked up over 400 positive reviews (2,000 on their large sized basket!) from everyone loving this design. One reviewer couldn’t stop gushing about it. “I definitely foresee this being an item I use forever. It’s super cute, fits perfectly where I wanted it, and is high quality. I’m considering buying a second to put on the shelf because I like it so much.”

$22.80 AT AMAZON

Urban Villa Black & White Kitchen Towels

Just changing up the small details in our spaces can make us feel like interior designers. Urban Villa Kitchen Towels from Kitchen Smart Colors add a pop of texture with a stripe to the kitchen but still keep things looking fresh and clean. We’re spending so much time in the kitchen these days, why not get some cute towels to accentuate the space? New tea towels are a quick and easy decor purchase that can freshen up even a tired design. 

These towels actually come in 11 different colors options to match any style, but we love the minimalist look Mowry aimed for that’s achieved by these black and white ones. One reviewer agreed, “These are superior dish towels in all respects. They are made of very soft, absorbent, high quality cotton. Styling is simple and functional and very appealing.”

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Rugshop Geometric Bohemian Design Area Rug

Nothing brightens up a space quite like an area rug does, but anyone with kids is not committing to shelling out hundreds for a high traffic area. We love this low cost, high design Geometric Bohemian Area Rug from Rugshop for adding minimalist zen to any room in the house. Any of the small accent pieces of the Tia Mowry x Etsy collection (like the soy candles or shallow jars) would partner nicely in a room with this rug, elevating the overall design with just a few details. 

Even without focusing on building a whole room design, this neutral palette rug works perfectly for the playroom decor as well. One mama reviewer had this to say: “I honestly am in love with this rug! It ties the room together really well and Not only is this rug pretty stain resistant but it also hides dirt really well! And as a mom of two boys you could imagine my excitement.”

$75.37 AT AMAZON

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