12 First Mother's Day Gifts That Will Make Her Laugh (Or Cry)

by Jane Chertoff
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First Mother's Day Gift

Looking for first Mother’s Day gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Mother’s Day is always special for every mom—but moms celebrating for the first time this year deserve some extra props. (And we’d love to give a special shout out to all those first time mamas out there who tried for a long time to have a baby or who adopted recently—you really earned this day!) And first time motherhood during quarantine? Start earmarking the spa trip you and your bestie will be taking later this year.

As for what all us first-time moms want, say it with me now—more sleep! So whether you’ve got someone to make you breakfast in bed or you’ll still be waking up at the crack of dawn to feed your little one, this mother’s day is all about treating our (fine) selves.

So go ahead and give into your brand new mama-bear desires with a new pair of PJs, a mug for your daily caffeine intake, a snack subscription box, or one of the other tempting treats below. And since bb won’t be doing much for you for a while (other than smiling, cooing and spitting up), make sure dad knows the list is here and ready for him. And not to be late. If it’s his first Mother’s Day, make sure he knows that May 10 is the day to remember. Late Mother’s Day gifts do not count.

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

The 1st Mother’s Day may be the most special, but you’ve still got birthdays and anniversaries on the list. Check out our other curated gift guides for mom.


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