This Floating Grill Is Something You Never Knew You Needed Until Now


“A grill…that floats on water…?” you say. “Impossible!” No, really. This is a grill that floats on water. It’s called the Float ‘N’ Grill (of course) and it’s a complete propane grill that sits on its very own floating device, so yes, you can have your mid-swim hotdog and eat it, too.

Where does one use the Float ‘N’ Grill? Anywhere that you can stand in the water and flip a burger! Take it to the sandbar, out fishing, tubing, or boating. According to the Amazon listing, the Float ‘N’ Grill is designed to be flip-resistant and comes with two tow hooks so you can tether it to your boat. The grill is also easily detachable from the float for cleaning and storage purposes, and the float even comes with three cup holders. Plus, it’s manufactured in the USA using rust- and fade-resistant materials.

It’s important to note that the Float ‘N’ Grill does not come with a propane tank. However, you can easily find a one-pound tank that fits the grill at your local camping store.

“The Float ‘N’ Grill is one of the best boating accessories!!!!” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Those days you are on a sandbar and can’t get back to shore to cook! Float ‘N’ Grill has got you covered! Highly recommend!!! It will complete your boating experience!”

Another five-star customer who titled their review “Tremendous product!” wrote, “Used this product weekly at the local sandbar. Biggest hit on the water. Works better than the grill on my patio. Easy to assemble and use, durable. Highly recommend.”

And another Float ‘N’ Grill fan called the product “Genius,” writing, “Freakin awesome. Works great and is a lot of fun to use.”

The only hard decision you’ll have to make about adding the Float ‘N’ Grill to your boating arsenal is which color to get—red or blue? And, uh, once you get it, can you please invite me out on your boat? Thanks.