Over 40,000 Reviewers Love This Callus Remover — And It's Under $10

by Karen Tietjen

Thinking about the best way to get your feet ready for sandal weather? We’re here with the perfect solution, and that solution’s under $10. Between COVID-19 protocols and the general expense, we get that going to the spa for a professional pedicure might not be an option right now. But you can get baby-soft feet right at home with this genius little gadget that exfoliates feet like a boss — yes, even those dried, cracked heels that you’ve been hiding in slippers all winter long.

The Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp & Callus Remover looks like a cheese grater. You know why? Because that’s basically what it is, except it grates your foot. (We know what you’re thinking, and yes, it is as gross and satisfying as it sounds.) Scrape this tool along your heels and toe calluses, and the dead skin will peel off like a block of parmesan over a bowl of spaghetti. But more than grossed-out, you’ll be mesmirized as you shave off hard, dead skin layer by layer, revealing soft, supple heels to rival your toddler’s perfect little feet (okay … well, almost). However, over 40,000 5-star reviewers would agree that this beauty must-have gives one heckuva home pedi for a super affordable price.

“Alright y’all, this ain’t your basic foot rasp,” says one Amazon reviewer. “If you have mild calluses, I really suggest you look elsewhere. However, if you, like me, basically have hooves for heels, then this may be your new holy grail of extraneous foot skin removal.”

Adds another honest buyer, “To say the least, i was pretty apprehensive about using what is advertised as a ‘Colossal Foot Rasp.’ Pretty terrifying labeling if you ask me. But HOLY CRAP this thing works.”

rithin gopal via Amazon

A couple of pro tips: You’ll get the best results after you’ve showered or soaked your feet, then let them dry for a few minutes so they’re still slightly damp but not drenched. Also — as explained by reviewers — the grates on this are sharp, so be sure to work gently and slowly and pay attention while you’re scraping, otherwise, you can get cut (and remember this tool is for ADULTS ONLY!). Needless to say, this is not your average pumice stone, people.

Once your feet are feelin’ fresh, slather on some lotion, and if you have time, give those piggies a swipe of that nail polish you bought and have yet to open. (You can even add some nail stickers if you really want to get fancy.) Now, you can beautify your feet as often as you want — for a fraction of the price of a single spa pedi. Bring on the open-toed shoes!