The Funniest Gag Gift Ideas 2021 From Amazon, From Silly To NSFW

Freak Out Your Friends With These 8 Funny Gag Gifts

October 21, 2019 Updated February 19, 2021


By the time you reach adulthood, everyone seems to already have what they need. The latest air fryer? Already got it. A nice set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets? Got TWO sets, obvi. Which brings us to our next point: Why should you waste money on an expensive gift that they probably don’t even need or want when you could give a hilarious memory that will last a lifetime? And don’t even think about being cheap and gifting a snooze-worthy gift card that requires zero effort whatsoever.

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Freak the f*ck out of your friends, fellow moms, and relatives—and have an amazing time doing it—with these 8 funny gag gift ideas of 2020. From “surprise” gag gift boxes (perfect for a White Elephant Party or a bridal shower) to cringe-worthy gag gifts for the men in your life, these are the best gag gifts we could find on Amazon. The good, the naughty, and the downright disgusting—it’s all here.

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That's Bullshit Button

The thing about moms is that they can spot BS from at least a mile away. We think you know where we’re going with this… Behold, a ginormous Bullsh*t Talking Button with funny phrases like “Attention! The Bullshit meter has detected major BS. Confirmed! That’s definitely some Bulllshhit!” It even lights up and flashes! Unfortunately, this gag gift will have to stay in your at-home office. As tempting as it is to press the button every time your pre-teen lies about doing the dishes, finishing their homework, or making their bed, the last thing you want to do is condone cursing (so what if we do it, we have a lot of sh*t on our plates). Just between us adults, this BS button is a fantastic way to release stress. Feel free to utilize it anytime that you feel like the red-face emoji.

According to this mom, it also makes a great gift for the, ahem, well-tempered hubby in your life. “Wow! ‘Thought this would be a cute gimmick for my husband. (It’s his favorite word) ‘Turns out my adult sons and he use the heck out of it! They placed it in the living room (cringe) and now hit the button instead of saying it! It has multiple funny sayings.”


CASOFU Burritos Blanket

You know that super soft, luxurious throw blanket that every “mom influencer” has on IG? Yeah, well, this burritos blanket is definitely not that. More gag-worthy than cute, it’s so effing ugly that we honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or both? If you’re looking to shake up the feng shui of your living room or want to surprise your fam on #TacoTuesday, this could be it. Made to resemble—you guessed it—a giant flour tortilla, your L.O.’s will have no trouble rolling themselves into the shape of their go-to Chipotle burrito. Just one question: Guac or no guac? Jokes (mom humor)! This funny gag blanket is actually incredibly soft. It’s made from a warm fleece material that’s perfect for family movie night or nap time in the car. Obviously, it goes without saying that you need to invest in one for yourself, but beyond that, it’s also a great gift option for your sister-in-law or anyone with kids.  


Cards Against Humanity: Period Pack

If you don’t have a friend, sibling, or colleague that’s low-key obsessed with Cards Against Humanity, then you’re straight-up lying. Whether you want to embarrass the men in your life (and by embarrass, we mean, watch their faces turn fire engine red) or just want to bond with the ladies over that time of month, this Period Pack edition of the popular party game won’t fail you. The expansion pack comes in a lovely millennial pink package. As recommended, it’s best played every 25 to 35 days—there may or may not be a few surprises along the way. Oh! The cards are also lightly scented to prevent odors. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves, “Not only were the cards hilarious (as I am female, might be a tad gross for males) but the damn pack comes wrapped inside a fricking pad with a lil heart chocolate. I was laughing for 5 minutes at the packaging alone.”  


BigMouth Inc. “Huge” Wine Bottle Glass

Ain’t no shame in the wine game, amirite?! This “Huge” Wine Bottle Glass from BigMouth Inc. (holds an entire 750 mL bottle of wine) will keep spirits high through cocktail hour. Wino lovers rejoice: This novelty item is guaranteed to come in clutch the next time your sweet angel child does something to piss you off. Remember ~deep~ breaths… and one serving (err, bottle) of your favorite red wine to calm your nerves. Whether the recipient be a fellow mom or BFF, this hilarious gift is guaranteed to hit the mark. As the saying goes, “a glass of wine a day keeps the therapist away.” 😉 

Come the holidays, Amazon customers rave that it makes the perfect white elephant gift. “Got this as a white elephant gift for a party; it was a great gift as it caused a bit of a ruckus! But hey that’s the fun of the game!” Another customer remarks, “This is the bessssst. I’ve been wanting this glass for a long time. It is perfect for a Friday and Saturday night relaxing.” 


Prank Pack: Crib Dribbler

There’s no real Crib Dribbler in here; don’t worry. It’s just a cardboard box meant to freak your mom-friend out as she starts unwrapping it. Phew. Right as her thoughts start veering toward, “WTF is a Crib Dribbler?” and “Do you think my kid is a hamster?,” she’ll open the top of the box and realize the box itself is just a gag! You can store the real gift inside but this prank packaging is sure to make her sweat a bit. Recommended for baby showers, April Fools Day, or any gift-giving occasion, this gag gift box may result in uncontrollable laughter. Says this customer, “It was a big hit! You should see the face of my good friend when I got her this box for her daughter’s 1st Bday. She is all Organic, even gets her water from a nearby real spring (1 hour drive). And I kept offering her the coupon on the side of the box for Infant Energy Drink. I think she wanted to punch me.”


KYW Pimple Popping Toy

Move over, Dr. Pimple Popper! Warning in advance: This gag gift may make you cringe a bit. If there’s a pimple-popping obsessed person in your friend group, then this is the gift for her. Made of 100% skin-friendly silicone, this “decompression” and “relaxation” toy is a stress ball gone wrong as it lets the user fake “pop” fake pimples. Whatever floats your boat, we guess! The peach nose even comes with pimple pus and a dropper so that you can refill it and pop again… and again. Sure, it’s incredibly satisfying but also utterly disgusting when you stop to think about it. 

Maybeeee steer clear of gifting it to your beauty-obsessed gal pal with a strict skincare regimen (she may have a mini-heart attack… cue the toner and pore strips), but everyone else is fair game. This Amazon customer says, “Gave it as a gift to my sister-in-law as she loves pimple popping videos. It’s gross but fills her satisfaction!” 


Richboom Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Hey, we’re not trying to get political here… we’re just saying if the wipe fits! If you’re searching for a funny gag gift, then it doesn’t get more LOL-worthy than this. Yes, this is legit, and yes, you can indeed use it the next time you have to take a dump (pun intended). This toilet paper is made from 100% virgin pulp wood; it’s non-toxic and won’t smudge or smear. Can you think of a more conversation-starting accessory for the guest bathroom? We’ll wait. 

DO pick up a few extra rolls as spares (to gift and use). You know that one friend who’s impossible to shop for? We’d pay to see the speechless reaction on their face upon opening up this bad boy. This Amazon customer reports back, “This was a Christmas gift that went over VERY well! I only got it for one person and everyone else was a little jealous. Lots of laughs with this one!”    


Gears Out Hooter Heaters

Because even boobies deserve to be kept warm in the cold winter months. This slightly PG-rated gag gift could actually serve a purpose. You know that one Mom friend who’s always cold—be it a freezing office in the summer or blustery weather conditions in the winter? These hooter heaters resembling li’l santa hats (yes, you read that right) may be worth more than just a good laugh. Honestly, who needs hand woven mittens and scarves when you can give the gift that keeps on giving? LOL. As the packaging reads, “Gone are the days of trying to hide embarrassing cases of T.H.O. when the weather turns cold. Now, my friends and I walk confidently wherever we go, because our sweater puppies no longer nip!” If you don’t bookmark this gag gift for next year’s Secret Santa exchange, then that’s all on you, boo.


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