This Gift Wrap Cutter Is The Ultimate Present-Wrapping Hack

gift wrap cutter

If you find catharsis in wrapping gifts, amazing. If you, like me, end up with a crinkly, wrinkled-to-bits wrapped presents every single time, then you probably find the task annoying at best. Luckily, there’s a tool out there that makes gift wrapping slightly easier (because of course there is!). It doesn’t wrap presents for you (unfortunately), but it does at least knock off some time. Aside from the wrapping aspect of wrapping presents, I hate cutting the paper. Especially since I use cheap wrapping paper, I always end up tearing it with my scissors and I’m also never precise. Enter the Little Elf Gift Wrap Cutter.

I first learned about this gift wrapping gadget from one of TikToker @teresalauracaruso’s videos, which shows all the essentials you need from Amazon for the holidays. One of those essentials is the Little Elf Gift Wrap Cutter, which originally made its genius debut on Shark Tank. All you do is slide it over the roll of wrapping paper and then slide the paper through the circular tool to get a super even, perfect sheet to wrap with.

It’s a lot of easier just watching @teresalauracaruso do it, so here you go:

You can buy it here:

It’s got over 1,800 5-star reviews on Amazon, with glowing reviews like this one: “This item is super easy to use and cuts well every time. I’ve used it at least 5 times already and it works perfectly. It’s such a great time saver and I’ve even come back to buy more for other friends as a cute little gift. This little helper makes me actually enjoy wrapping presents!! Everyone should have one of these Little ELFs!”

When you’ve got tons of presents to wrap before the holiday you celebrate, it’s worth it to get a helper.