The Perfect Gifts For A 3-Month-Old (And, TBH, Their Parents)

by Jenn Sinrich
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gifts for 3 month olds

If you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for a 3-month-old, you’re probably trying to rack your brain to come up with some ideas for what kind of products and toys would be fitting. Whether or not you’re a parent of this 3-month-old, it’s important to first think about what a 3-month-old baby’s interested are, just like how we would when we’re buying our grownup friends and family gifts. And the verdict is…3-month-olds like to sleep, eat, play and poop. So, we’ve got a lot to work with!

When it comes to brainstorming great gift ideas for a 3-month-old, the key is to consider gift items that will make the mom and dad’s like easier. And if you’re the mom or dad in search of the gift, consider what items will make your life easier, as well as what products and toys will entertain your baby so you can get a moment of peace and quiet or, better yet, pour that fourth cup of joe for yourself.

Three month old babies love toys that make sounds—toys that rattle when Baby shakes them. They also love toys that motivate them to score that much-needed tummy time or blurt out a coo or gurgle.

If you’re shopping for a gift for a 3-month-old, here are some of the best shoppable items.

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