The Best Gifts For Introverts 2020, According To Introverted Moms

8 Best Gift Ideas For Introverts Who Are Really Homebodies At Heart

October 21, 2019 Updated July 8, 2021


We all know and love at least one introvert in our lives! If interacting with humans calls for a big ole “UGH,” and most of your time is spent fantasizing about staying home in bed with a book and a “chill vibes” Spotify playlist, send this gift guide to your BFF or hubby. And if that description sounds like someone you know, keep scrolling because somewhere on this list of best gifts for introverts of 2020 is the perfect recommendation. Whether for a birthday or just because, these eight gift ideas for introverts are sure to hit the mark. From practical items like a yoga mat and noise-canceling headphones to funny novelty gifts, being anti-social has never looked so good.

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Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World

Hi… I’m awkward. Being an introvert in a world full of extroverts can be intimidating to say the least. Introvert Doodles, as told from the perspective of Marzi—an introvert who often finds herself in awkward situations—is simply brilliant. As it turns out, you’re not alone if you’re constantly filled with anxiety stemming from social interactions. This fantastic illustrated book would be the perfect gift for an introverted younger sister, co-worker, or even a mom who feels overwhelmed making friends with other moms. 

Says this introverted Amazon customer, “Finally someone who understands! This is a book about me. Marzi accurately draws out the daily interactions of an introvert and those around them. My whole life I’ve been trying to explain my fears, joys, hesitations… what makes me relax, what makes me anxious… but not many would empathize with me… You see, Marzi not only shows that there’s nothing wrong with being introverted or shy, she also does it in a way that makes you laugh and realize your life is actually pretty interesting.”


Blue Q Women's Novelty Ankle Socks

For the introvert with a good sense of humor, may we recommend these “F*ck Off, I’m Reading” Ankle Socks from Blue Q? If there’s one thing to know about introverts, it’s that they love a good distraction. Maybe they’re leisurely reading a book in the library or perhaps they’re just looking for a quick escape?! Bonus points, of course, if the introvert in your life is a meek bookwork and/or has a penchant for rad novelty socks. When in doubt, throw in a charming mug so that she can enjoy some quiet time at home while sipping tea and wearing her *favorite* new socks. This Amazon customer says, “I put them on one time, ONE TIME, and I got complimented on them. They fit perfectly, are made from very soft cotton and I crack up every time I look at them. They reach mid-calf, just the way I like them.” Just for the record, socks don’t suck. Once you’re a mom, they are officially considered the best gift on the entire planet.


Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece

For the self-proclaimed yogi who enjoys meditating from the comfort of her own home, this Health and Fitness Yoga Set (six pieces) will spark joy. Seriously, they’ll never have to step foot into a yoga studio ever again. Besides, when you’re a mom, it’s not like you have time to take yoga classes anyway—at-home yoga lessons is where it’s at when you’ve got toddlers in the next room. Equipped with everything from a yoga memory foam mat and yoga blocks to a yoga strap, squeezing in a quick pilates sesh during baby’s nap time will be a breeze. Says this fellow yogi, “Bought this yoga kit for my partner who’s a personal trainer and fitness instructor, as she is about to start a yoga qualification too. We are both really impressed with the quality of everything in this kit. The mat is thick and comfortable to use, and feels like memory foam. The towels are a good size and feel soft and of good quality, and so are the yoga blocks and strap.”


Kempf ‘Go Away’ Doormat

It’s pretty straight forward but there’s no point in beating around the bush when you’re an introvert. Might as well let the person who’s coming over know exactly what they’re getting into. Of course, if you buy this doormat for your introverted friend, you’re basically telling yourself to go away every time you visit. But hey, you bought the gift—you can stay as long as you want! According to this happy customer, it’s highly durable and great value. “I purchased this mat in 2012 (according to Amazon) and as of today, six years later, it is still at my front door and still entirely effective in making people laugh (albeit far less effective in encouraging them to actually go away). In 6 years, it has been perpetually rained on, survived several hurricanes, been frozen, and generally abused in every way a doormat can be. It is now a bit rough around the edges; however, it is still clearly legible, isn’t really falling apart at all despite some minor fraying on the corners, and probably one of the longest lasting, cheapest purchases I’ve ever made. This mat is a terrific value for the cost.”  


‘Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come’ Book

Introverts everywhere will never forget when Phoebe Bouffay very iconically proclaimed on Friends, “Oh, I wish I could but I don’t want to.” This nonfiction book follows Jessica Pan as she seeks the help of extrovert mentors, challenging herself (for a year) to put herself in a series of personal challenges generally not beloved by introverts. It’s a great read for anyone, but it’ll be especially meaningful for the introvert in your life who not only loves staying home, but who loves staying home, curled up with a good book. Raves this Amazon customer, “I absolutely love this book and was enjoying it so much on my commute home from work I missed TWO TRAIN STATIONS. I think even someone who has not struggled with being an introvert would enjoy this book.”


Avantree ANC032 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Being an introvert means you genuinely look forward to “quiet time.” Translation: Beyond a casual exchange and small talk, introverts aren’t interested in engaging in conversation with the Chatty Cathy at their local coffee shop. These Noise Cancelling Headphones from Avantree will come in handy the next time your introverted friend wants to keep chit chat to a minimum. Screeching children who won’t shut up (oops, those are your little demons)? Well, these bad boys will take care of that, too. They come equipped with comfortable ear pads and feature CSR Bluetooth technology. The headphone controls will also allow you to adjust the volume, skip a track, or answer a call—multi-tasking mamas will also appreciate the fact that they’re wireless (up to a 10 hour battery life).

This Amazon customer says, “I absolutely love that these are bluetooth. The sound quality is amazing. I use the noise cancellation technology at night when my husband’s band practice runs late and they work great. These also have a microphone in them in case your phone rings and you have them on but I never use them as a headset.”


It’s Too Peopley Outside Key Chain

Ugh, people. They’re loud, they’re obnoxious, they’re complain-y, and they’re constantly in the way, making effing bad decisions. While you can’t control people, you can talk sh*t behind their backs. Whether your introverted friend can’t stand other people’s driving (four words: get off my bumper) or get annoyed AF by people who slow-walk in the biking lane, there’s a million and one reasons to hate people. And let’s not forget close-minded people who like to talk politics 24/7 without considering any other parties. Oh yeah, your friend hates those people, too. Are we sensing a theme? If you’re stumped on gifting options, then this small thoughtful key chain is guaranteed to make her LOL. At the very least, it’ll elicit a small smile and she’ll think of you every time she sees it. Says this Etsy customer, “Very cute and well done. Perfect for that special person who is a real homebody. She got a real kick out of it!”


Small Talk Survivor Pin

Does your bestie hate speaking to strangers? Or any kind of people? (That aren’t you, of course.) Give her the adult version of an introvert’s gold star. Because all those things that worked in kindergarten? They work in adulthood, too. While end-of-semester presentations may be a thing of the past, now you’ve got to report to the PTA or the boardroom. Talking in front of a crowd full of fiercely successful women (and fellow moms) is no joke, but there’s really nothing to stress about. This cute pin, available in either black and silver or aqua and gold, can serve as a li’l reminder to breathe and stay calm. It’s up to her where she sticks it, but a canvas tote, a diaper backpack, or denim jacket could be the perfect placement.


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