The Best Gifts To Give Yourself 2021: A Little Luxury You Deserve

The Best Gifts You Should Actually Give Yourself, Because You F*cking Deserve It

March 31, 2021 Updated April 29, 2021

Feature – Gifts for Yourself
Buff Experts / Gorjana

You buy gifts for your kids (and allll their friends). You buy gifts for your spouse. You buy gifts for hardworking teachers, new retirees, and your mother-in-law (impossible as she is to please). And while you enjoy showering your loved ones with tokens of appreciation that make them smile, when’s the last time you bought a gift that’s just for you? We’re talking, something that’s purely indulgent, even a little bit frivolous — and no, a refill of your fave drugstore shampoo doesn’t count.

We’re here to say it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while, and just in case you’re short on inspiration (lol, yeah right), we’re here to give it to you. Whether it’s luxurious skincare, cute clothes, or calming CBD products that you’re craving, we’re sharing our favorite items, from products we’ve tried to ones we’re drooling over, ourselves. So Mama, grab a glass of wine and get ready to shop for something special from the comfort of your own home. Bonus points if you ship the item as a gift and write “To: You, From: You.”

Beauty & Skincare

Sarah Happ's The Lip Slip: One Luxe Balm

Whether it’s because of dry weather or you’re not drinking enough water (guilty), your lips are the first to doth protest. If you’re dealing with dry, chapped lips, we highly recommend this luxurious lip balm which is more like a lip mask you can apply at night. Made with nourishing ingredients that bring lips back to life, you’ll wake up in the morning with a soft pucker. It also smells super dreamy, too.


Solvasa Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask

Solvasa’s Golden Harmony cleansing mask is a two-minute, daily treatment that leaves you with brighter, clearer, and smoother skin. The gentle clay mask features turmeric, chaga mushroom, ashwagandha and probiotic lysates which help nourish and deep-clean skin without leaving it dry. We like to apply this mask and drink our morning coffee in absolute silence (we can pull it off for two minutes most days, at least).


Buff Experts Jojoba & Apricot Emollient Body Oil

Formulated with rich jojoba and apricot oils, this body oil is meant to be slathered all over — arms, legs, tummy, etc. We apply a generous layer after a shower, and it leaves skin silky smooth  and smelling like sweet pistachios for days. If your skin is thirsty after a long, dry winter, get this for yourself. You will not regret it for a second.


Spotlight Oral Care Ultimate Oral Care Bundle

Executive decision: Your oral hygiene routine deserves an upgrade, and for that, there’s Spotlight Oral Care’s Ultimate Oral care Bundle. After trying this myself, let me tell you, this sonic toothbrush is strong — but in a good way. After using it for a few days (and turning the toothpaste-covered brush on while inside my mouth so it doesn’t splatter all over the mirror), I absolutely love it. Now, brushing my teeth feels like I’m getting them polished at the dentist’s office, and since I tend to brush hard with a regular toothbrush (which has caused damage to the gum line), all I have to do is glide this over my teeth for a super deep clean. Paired with the gentle whitening toothpaste, strips, and pen — which don’t cause sensitivity, BTW — my smile no longer gives away how much coffee I drink.


Love Wellness Bye, Bye, Bloat Supplements

Whether you’re bloated because you’re on your period and life hates you or you just ate one too many Taco Bell tacos, these supplements work to deflate you and make you feel less uncomfortable — fast. Made with digestive enzymes that combat our bodies’ lack-thereof (as we get older, we stop creating as many natural digestive enzymes, which help break food down — this is possibly why you get an upset tummy more easily now versus when you were 14 and able to eat a school bus with no issues), this supplement fights gas, bloating, a bad reaction to dairy, and more. We tried it for ourselves after eating a little bit too much cabbage the night before, and it really did settle our tummies almost instantly. TMI? Probably.  **This is not meant to treat serious digestive issues**

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Venn High-Performance Streamlined Skincare Collection

A bazillion-step K-beauty routine condensed into four potent, skin-perfecting products? Yes, please! Since you’re skipping the spa, you deserve to indulge in a luxury facial treatment at home. The Venn High-Performance Streamlined Skincare Collection includes a moisture-balance cleanser, age-reversing concentrate, multi-perfecting red oil serum, and revitalizing lifting mask — all to make your skin look facial fresh in that glowy, dewy, I-got-10-hours-of-sleep sort of way. So lock yourself in the bathroom, light some candles, turn on some soothing tunes, pull out your jade roller and gua sha stone, and let the glow-up commence. Only have 5 minutes to dab these products on? That works, too — just try to savor it as best as you can.


YINA Anti-Pollution Mask

This mask deep cleans your pores of all bacterial buildup and leaves your skin super soft and bright. After a long day of work and kids, I think you deserve a little luxury spa time — even if it’s at home. Close the bathroom door, put on your favorite tunes, and take in the amazing scent of this YINA Anti-Pollution mask. You (and your skin) will be happy you did.



No Thank You An Oil for All Day

Made with CBD, this daily face oil is meant to soothe, nourish, and smooth over your tired skin. We generally like to use it before slathering our go-to moisturizer on our face — it’s not too oily, and it smells delicious. It truly does leave your skin feeling amazing and looking dewy as hell.


Sweet Reason The Evening Sampler (6-Pack)

There are a TON of CBD sleep products out there — and we’ve tried a lot of them — but Sweet Reason’s Evening Blend is one that we actually swear by. These beverages come in glass bottles that contain 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD plus adaptogens and calming herbs to make you dreamily drowsy. They’re slightly carbonated and come in really yummy flavors, plus they’re super low in sugar and calories so you don’t have to worry about sipping them right before bed. Replace your boozy nightcap with one of these, and you won’t regret it … look Ma, no hangover! 


Hair Care

Gemmist Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner

After a year of not getting our hair done, we’re not surprised it’s duller, frizzier, flatter, and finicky. It’s harder and harder to have an effortless good hair day (unless we spend hours styling it, and nobody has time for that). One way to combat stressed out hair is by switching your shampoo and conditioner. We tried Gemmists’s personalized haircare, and found that it revitalized our ‘do. After taking a quick hair quiz to describe the state of our hair and its texture, Gemmist ships you personalized formulas that give you healthy, shiny, beautiful results. Ps. The formulas are free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, and are never tested on animals.



One whiff of the light citrus scent will having you saying, “oh, yeahhh.”  MO MI (short for modern minerals) Balancing Shampoo offers a deep but gentle clean — afterward, you’ll want to follow with the Strengthen & Restore Conditioner for nourishing moisturization. In addition to achieving your best hair, the icing on the cake is that you’ll also be supporting a female and Asian-American-run business.

$33 AT MO MI


California Cowboy La Sirena Kimono

If you want to splurge on a really nice robe, do yourself a favor, and get a California Cowboy Kimono. Made with a thick, soft cotton material, this robe has a built-in pocket specifically designed for a Champagne bottle (seriously, it also comes with a gorgeous bottle opener) and pockets that are waterproof for when you have to carry your phone in your robe but you’re also by the pool.


Gorjana Lou Huggie Hoops

Do you *need* a pair of gold huggies earrings that go with literally everything? Yes, yes you do. Meet our fave pair from Gorjana, which is simple enough to dress up or down but bold enough to make a statement. They’re 18 karat gold plated for a luxe shine and designed with a hinge to hug the earlobe while being easy to take on or off. Plus, they’re super affordable (especially given how much you’ll wear them), so go ahead and “add to cart.”


Rothy's The Rope Tote

The same brand that brought us our go-to flat has a line of bags, and they are a dream when it comes to storage and style. I know this bag is a crisp Swan White, but don’t worry about the accidental stains, Mama! Like everything else from Rothy’s, The Rope Tote is 100% machine washable and made of durable eco-friendly material. The adorable rope handles makes us feel like we’re relaxing kid-free on a boat in the Marina — even if we’re just heading to the grocery store. And the spacious inside give you enough room for your essentials and snacks for the littles too, while the drawstring closure makes it secure yet easy to get in and out.


DOLAN Basset Infracycle Jogger Pant

You’ve heard it here first: after the year we’ve had, loungewear is never going out of style. These joggers from DOLAN are the ultimate gift to yourself because of the super soft and comfy texture and “smart” material that will cool you down or warm you up when you need it. It comes in this gorgeous Warm Buff color, as well as Pesto, Lavendar, and tons more. If you need more of an incentive to snag this set for yourself (doubtful, but still) — each item of clothing purchased means one pound of free laundry for someone experiencing homelessness. So you’re truly giving and getting with this must-have loungewear.


Senreve Coda Belt Bag

ATTN: the fanny pack has been taken to new heights and you need it in your closet. The Coda Belt Bag from Senreve may be one of the most versatile belt bags around, and the quality? *Chef’s kiss*. It’s made with gorgeous Italian leather and comes in over 10 colors (although the pictured Pebbled Forest may be our fave.) This bag is an investment that will last, so you can’t go wrong whether you’re gifting it to your BFF, your partner, or yourself. In short: get this bag ASAP!



Street Punch Needle Kit

Looking for a new relaxing activity? This Street Punch Needle kit from We Are Knitters will ease your mind while you create your own piece of home decor. Don’t be intimidated, Mama. The instructions are easy to follow, you get to choose your own colors, and it’ll will leave you with gorgeous results. Win, win, win.


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