15+ Best Father's Day Gifts To Celebrate Dads-To-Be

by Team Scary Mommy
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best gifts for expecting dads
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The best Father’s Day gifts for expecting dads are meant to acknowledge their exciting new role and maybe (just maybe!) make those first weeks, months, even years just a little bit easier. This is especially true for first-time fathers who have yet to realize how little sleep they’re about to get (heh). But as experienced parents know, ignorance is bliss — and perhaps part of the reasons we continue to procreate, despite its hardships. So in the name of keeping the wind in his sails as Baby’s due date approaches, this Father’s Day, help pump up the soon-to-be dad in your life so he can coast through that first phase of fatherhood for as long as possible.

Challenges aside, embarking on this journey is a thrilling, scary, and fulfilling adventure that’s certainly worth celebrating. We’ve gathered the best Father’s day gifts for expecting dads to help welcome him to this club we call parenthood. Whether he’s an outdoor enthusiast who can’t wait to raise a little explorer or a cheesy humor aficionado who’s already practicing his dad jokes, we’ve got the best gifts for any soon-to-be pop, no matter his dad-ing style.

Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dad-To-Be


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